Makeup Ride or Die

I looooooove make up and I buy way too much of it even though I only wear it like 2 days out of the month. That being said this is my personal Ride or Die with makeup products, I haven’t had enough years to try enough products, so a lot of these will probably change over the years, but for now here’s my ride or die makeup list! This is inspired by the youtube tag.

PRIMER: Revlon stay matte (more expensive products like pore-fessional work better, but for the price and quality the stay matte is a steal)

FOUNDATION: ohhh this ones a tough one. I think I’m gonna have to go with Makeup Forever HD  because there’s no going wrong

CONCEALER: Maybelline Fit me (again why pay a bunch when the cheapy gets the job done)

FACE POWDER: Revlon Stay Matte Powder

UNDER EYE SETTING POWDER: (blessed with uncreasy undereyes, so I just use ^)

BLUSH: Tarte amazonian clay blush in

BRONZER: Lorac and Sephora bronzers

HIGHLIGHT: Colour Pop super shock highlighters in butterfly effect

MASCARA: Loreal Voluminous

LIPSTICK: Any tbh (picking a lipstick for life is impossible)

LIQUID LIP: Kylie Lip Kit in Ginger

LASHES: All natural bitches

EYESHADOW PALETTE: I always reach for my colour pop single eyeshadows now, I can’t even think of a palette i need, actually i take that back Lorac Pro mini Pallete 1


PERFUME: YSL Mon Paris, seriously go out and smell this it’s the perfect scent for young women

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