I am so excited you guys. IT’S OCTOBER FIRST!! Which means it’s Halloween season!!!! Okay you guys get it I’m sorry I’m excited, and I want you to get excited too! If you love Halloween as much as I do, here are some reasons this is the beginning of the best freaking time of the year (omg I’m so excited)

  1. The best time of the year!

This is the beginning to the best part of the whole year. First we get to look forward to Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas? And we get excess pumpkin flavored things and colder weather? YES PLEASE.

  1. MOVIES.

There is just something about watching movies in the fall/winter that works really well. Not to mention there are TONS of Halloween and then Christmas movies to watch and re-watch every year. NOT TO MENTION HARRY POTTER. I can’t re-watch any normal movie but for some reason I can re-watch the Nightmare before Christmas at least 3 times during October-December.

  1. The food you guys

Bikini season is over, the shorts are put away, there’s no more worrying about your body, LETS GET SQUISHY. I looooooove eating at this time of the year. I don’t know if it’s just me but food is more comforting and just tastes better in the fall. Maybe it’s cause where I live is hot af in the summer and you can’t enjoy anything. But as a year round food lover I can easily say that fall and winter are the best times to just not worry about a thing and fill your heart with some food love. Im a fat ass hahahahahaha

  1. The cuddles ❤

I’m recently single so that kind of sucks during this time of the year, tbh, BUT that doesn’t mean I cant find someone to cuddle with!! Dates and hanging out romantically with someone at this time of the year is so fun so try to go out there and find someone who’s looking for someone to go out with! You’ll end up having a good time no matter if the relationship is serious or you’re just hanging out casually. Or if youre forever alone like I most likely will be, you can cuddle your pillow :’)


Okay if you’re 15-23 this is genuinely the best time to party. Even if you don’t party too often, this is such a fun time cause you get to dress up and it’s fun to see everyone in their costumes. It’s the one time of the year you can literally dress up as anything and get drunk, so why noooooot



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