What it’s like being a lowkey Pothead

Hey guys. So I’m super excited to make this post because it’s about one of my favorite things..marijuana. Ohhh weed. The beautiful, sparkly, smelly little plant that helps me get through every day. If you didn’t know me and saw me in the streets, I highly doubt you would think I was a stoner. Even if you do know me, I don’t think you would guess this about me unless I was down to be open about it. With that being said, I’m down to be SUPER open about it to you, random person on the internet! If miley cyrus can do it, so can I bitches.

I’m a 5’1, 120 pound little brown girl. If you saw me, you would not think I smoke the devil’s lettuce or take a dab every single day at least twice. Okay I’m not gonna lie to ya’ll it’s at least 3 or 4 times usually but DON’T JUDGE ME. This little plant has helped me find who I am, cope with my anxiety, and just enjoy life so much for the past 3 years. Society paints this picture of “potheads” that looks like a tall, lanky boy that usually doesn’t have his life together and probably smells weird. Realistically, it’s not only possible to be a put together person that smokes weed all the time, it makes it WAY easier for a lot of people. For most people who smoke a lot, it’s a way of unwinding, a reward for making it through a long day, or a great way to start the day off. Everybody has their different reasons for loving it.

So what is a “lowkey pothead’?

Somebody who doesn’t tell the whole world they smoke, doesn’t just hit the blunt in the party rotation to look cool (every girl ever), or isn’t really distinguishable as a pothead even though they’re pros, is considered a lowkey pothead. You love it, you respect it, and you just wanna enjoy it without all the judgement. It’s so much fun hearing other people’s opinion on the subject when they have no clue how much you love it. I feel like fake stoners are usually more radical because they just want to do it to seem cool. True stoners always keep it lowkey.

What’s it like being one??

It’s so awesome being baked all the time, like I’m not even going to lie you guys. Driving is so much more fun, thinking is easier, conversations are longer and more interesting. Life is just better. Sometimes it honestly does slow you down, but you can’t blame the weed. You are the own who picked the pipe up, you knew what was going to happen. If you can smoke only at times that you have nothing to do (which honestly is difficult), you can live this lifestyle and make it by just fine.

Now, being a person that smokes weed all the time is definitely not for everyone. I’m not very religious but I 100% believe in a lot of Buddhist/Hindu beliefs regarding reincarnation and just how they connect to their souls is something I understand. I feel spiritually connected to a lot of things and nature and I know that understanding things that you may not necessarily see in the physical world is super important for your mental health and your place on this earth/in the afterlife. Okay sorry I just went all hippie on you, but anyways I believe that for some people weed/alcohol distort your connection to the spirit world and it just doesn’t work for you, but for some people weed can actually help open up your mind to these thoughts and really connect with yourself on a deep level. I know I sound crazy, but if you smoke weed you’re with me right? No matter if you smoke or not, always have an open mind about those who do smoke a lot because they are a lot more common then you think, and they can be crazy successful (like miley cyrus)


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  1. This totally describes my life. Toke on.

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