I’ve been struggling with what to write about next since I don’t want to be repetitive but it finally hit me! Moms <3. Dude, moms are the best. Yeah you go through some hate with them and a period where you “just don’t understand each other” or something like that. And yes for a lot of people, living away from your mom or just being away from her makes your relationship way stronger and a lot of parents and kids have serious issues with each other, BUT at the end of the day you’re mom will always be there for you. Like always. And it takes things getting rough in your life sometimes to truly appreciate your mother, but DAMN that lady is the shit. She’s your first best friend and through time becomes your biggest support. She is literally your backbone and she will do anything to make sure you are treated with respect and dignity. She’s a living angel. Think about it, you’re literally a piece of your mother. She is going to do anything to protect you the best she possibly can and having that support is amazing. If your mother doesn’t feel this way, she’s probably a piece of shit but no worries there are people in your life that love you the same. Take the time to thank your mom or anyone else in your life that loves you like she would. Remember that you will always regret not spending enough time with the people you love more than spending too much!

Always remember to remind those you appreciate that your life wouldn’t be the same without them

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