Cruelty Free makeup brands I LOVE

Hi guys! So if you know me you know that I looooove makeup and animals. I don’t necessarily like when makeup is tested on animals though. I will never understand how a human can be so cruel and selfish to test a product meant for their own faces on an innocent animal that in no way can consent to this. That being said, I do honestly use a lot of makeup that is tested on animals, just because so many of them are, but I’ve been trying to steer clear of those products for months now. Here’s a list of my personal favorite/ best cruelty makeup out there, also I’m going to include some of the most popular brands that do still test on animals, if you want to stay away from those!! (btw these price ranges are hella estimation, I just put the price range for most of their products)


Coulourpp!! (under $10)- Colourpop is easily one of my FAVORITE makeup brands. They don’t have foundation, concealer, or powder yet, but you’re not going to find a bigger selection of eyeshadows, lippies, highlighters, and blush/bronzers with so many different colors for SO cheap. I spend way too much money with this company.

ELF (under $10)- Ohhhhh elf. Everyone’s first makeup brand. Elf continues to shock people all the time with new beautiful makeup products that are literally a couple of bucks. And don’t get me started on their freaking brushes. You might as well own everything ELF cause it’s too cheap not too. And they’re still cruelty free? YES PLS

WetnWild (under $10)- The easiest brand to find in drugstores/dollar stores. I love this brand for their cheap pigmented lipsticks and their $1 eyeshadow singles that you can use daily.

Hard Candy (under $10)– I honestly don’t know much about this brand, but I know that they are cheap and nice to animals so check out their stuff at your local store

Milani($6-$15)- Okay high end brands, imma let you finish, but Milani has one of the BEST foundations of all time. For being a drugstore brand, milani truly delivers high quality products like their lipstick, baked blushes, and 2 in 1 foundation I know you’ll love.

BH cosmetics ($5-$20)- I love BH cosmetics because the makeup and packing is always so fun. And usually HUGE. You get so much makeup for the price, and they have so many different products! Different youtubers always design eyeshadow palettes through BH cosmetics because they are priced so well yet still deliver great products with cute packaging.

Makeup Geek ($5-$30)- I honestly haven’t bought anything from makeup geek, but I hear that their brushes and eyeshadows are AMAZING. Again, I’ve seen this brand all over youtube, and their huge color selection and textured finishes is probably why people love them.

Essence (under $10)- Essence has a really good translucent powder. It’s one of the more affordable brands at Ulta that I’m attracted to, I love how this line provides everything. Being cruelty free is just a huge plus!


Higher-end Brands

ABH ($20-$60)- Okay everybody and their mothers and grandmas and aunts loves and wishes they could get there brows done by Anastasia Beverly Hills. From the undefeated products, to the clean classic packaging, to the endorsements by the Kardashians, Anastasia Beverly Hills is a go to for so many people for brows, eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, and liquid lipstick. Not testing on animals just makes her more chic.

Kat Von D ($15-$60)- Are you looking for a foundation that won’t budge literally all day (I know you’ve heard it before but I’m srs) or an eyeliner that is just as black at the end of the day as the beginning? Well here you go Kat was NOT joking around when she made her “lock it” products. That foundation will look flawless all day and that cat eye is gonna be sharp.

Jane Iredale ($30-$200)- This brand is expensive as fuck. I know that. I’m only including it because it’s AMAZING and if you’re a rich mom or have skin extremely sensitive to makeup, I would recommend this to you. Jane Iredale makes makeup products that are not only beautiful and good for your skin, it’s also cruelty free! Ask your dermatologist about this makeup brand if you’re planning on trying it, a lot of upscale skin places carry this brand.

Becca ($30-$60)- Champagne pop by Jaclyn Hill. It’s one of a kind. That is all.

Too Faced ($20-$60)- So cute. So high end. So girly. And some of the products literally smell like chocolate forever. Um. Yes bitch.

Physicians Formula ($10-$25)- This is a drugstore brand, but the price is a little too high for me to call it cheap, but it’s definitely affordable! This is a brand that I easily trust to not clog my poor or mess with my skin in anyway, but give me a really nice, natural look.

Sonia Kashuk ($10-$25)- Another drugstore product on the more expensive side. But still great quality. SK is known for their brushes and I personally think their bronzers with the gold shimmer are breathtaking.



 Animals are sensitive and intelligent creatures that deserve respect. Maybe if these companies got less support over time, they’ll change the way they test their products.

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