Fav LUSH skincare products

If you didn’t know, LUSH has more than just bath bombs and overly scented soaps! They actually have a whole range of skincare products. There are SO many people that swear by LUSH skincare products. They say that nothing else works except LUSH. I don’t necessarily feel that way, but I LOOOOOOOVE LUSH skincare products. I love how I know that the products are going to be 100% vegan and natural, cruelty free!!!, and not made in a sweatshop, but they’re made by the cute little person on the sticker on the packaging! And you can take five empty container into stores in exchange for a free face mask of your choice! It’s all just so great. From what I have tried, LUSH skincare products do wonders on keeping my skin happy. Here are my favs!

Mask of Magnaminty– The OG. This is what started my whole LUSH journey yeeeeeeeears ago in Toronto. This mask cleans deep into your skin. The extreme minty-ness leaves your skin feeling so incredibly fresh, like you just walked out of an expensive facial. This mask works great for all skin types, but it might be a little drying. Nothing some moisturizer or oil won’t fix. I’d recommend using this once a week and before any big event where you want to look your best!

Cup o Coffee facemask- So this is a facemask but I honestly rarely use this as one. I’ll put it on right before I shower and wash it off towards the end.  I use this in the morning or daytime to wake me up and get started for the day! It has a gritty texture and WONDERFUL smell (and taste)!! This stuff is freaking perfect to wake up to. It prepares your skin beautifully for makeup and your day. The lady at LUSH told me to not use it at night because it could literally keep you up, so keep that in mind!

Brazened Honey Fresh Facemask- This is my favorite fresh facemask LUSH makes, and they have like 8 and they’re all amazing. This one takes the cake because it’s DEEP cleaning and it smells so incredible, I wish it was a perfume. This is perfect for when you’re going through a breakout. It really helps kill acne bacteria, something honey is known for. With all the fresh facemasks, you’re supposed to use them within two weeks, so I usually buy this when my skin is acting wild and use it every other day for a couple of weeks.

Ocean Salt Scrub– This is an exfoliating scrub. I believe that chemical scrubs are better than invigorating scrubs like this one, because too much exfoliation and scrubbing can tear your skin over time. Even so, I freaking love the ocean salt scrub. This stuff cleeeeeeans out my skin. I’ve always belonged at a beach, but since I don’t live near one this is the closest my skin is going to get to beach weather. The ocean salt just does wonders for me skin. I only use this once a week or less, just whenever I need a good exfoliation. Side note, I left this in my shower and over time I think bacteria started growing in it because my skin started breaking out because of it. I put the scrub in the sun to dry out for a couple of hours, and I think that was enough to kill the bacteria and make it go back to normal. So just warning you guys, don’t leave any products in a pot like container like these in your shower!

Vanishing cream- This moisturizer doesn’t get enough love. Their cheaper moisturizers are better known, but I honestly don’t see anything special about those. You could buy a cerave moisturizer from Walmart for half the price that works better. I’m not here to hate though, I do love the vanishing cream moisturizer because it really helps make my scars fade over time and leave my skin looking more airbrushed. I think it’s because it’s full of witch hazel, and witch hazel is an ingredient that my skin absolutely loves.

Let the Good Times Roll- This is kind of more of an honorable mention, but I do like this facewash. It’s a crumbly texture and it smells like cookie dough, but it does a really good job at just cleaning my skin and gently exfoliating which is surprising by the way it looks.



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