occupying time during pointless classes/ work

Before I get into this, please know that I’m not trying to promote you not paying attention in class. That’s not what I’m trying to say. Going to class and actually learning and listening have a huge impact on your success in said class. Most classes, admittedly, take a whole lot of personal effort for success. Meaning, you show up and learn in class, but really the majority of your grade comes from your personal effort with homework/assignment/notes/reading the textbook/studying. Being a good college student is knowing where you need to put most of your energy.  Buuuuut we all inevitability have to take classes that are really easy or just pointless for our major. I can’t honestly talk for all major, I bet a lot of science majors don’t have 1 easy class in their four years of college. But this is for the people that are currently in a class soooo deadly boring that you don’t know what to do to yourself. For example, I have class back to back from 1:30-5:45 and then 6:30-9:30 on Mondays. Needless to say, by the last three hours I am dead. But the class is easy to keep up with, without paying much attention, so I spend the three hours trying to occupy my time and stay there instead of getting up and going home. Here are my favorite things to do during really pointless classes. This also applies to if you have a really boring job and you need to occupy your time.

  1. Adult coloring books/ print outs from the internet

These. Are. Amazing. Adult coloring books are usually expensive, so I recommend printing out mandela art or really whatever you want to color(it can probably be found in black and white on the internet). I always look at the books on sale at my local target or bookstore or whatever to see if there are any adult coloring books on sale. I like using my colorful pens to mindlessly color different designs while the teacher drones on about nothing.

  1. Podcasts

While I’m at work, I’m usually listening to a podcast. It’s makes time go by waaay quicker when someone is telling you a funny story like that. I listen to these in class too, when I’m really not feeling it and I just want to smile. I often have a huge smile while I listen to podcasts because the one’s I listen to are really funny, so people may think I’m insane. My two favorite podcasts are Shane and Friends from Shane Dawson and Jenna Julien with Jenna M and Julien S. They are all youtubers that just talk about anything and have interesting random guests, but there are so many free podcasts about every topic, so I have no doubt you will find something that you enjoy. If you get tired of music really quickly, try listening to a podcast instead!

  1. Life organization

I like taking the opportunity of not having to write notes all hour to get my life together. I like to go through my agenda and write in detail what I need to do/write/study/read later, see what quizzes/tests are coming up and how soon. I’ll go through my folders/binders and get rid of any old papers and dead weight, and put everything together according to the class they’re meant for.

  1. Story writing/ journaling

I like to blog during class, honestly I am doing it right now…but you could write a story! Just let your mind wander, give yourself a storyline and go with it. You can go so far with this story, even though you’re writing it for no reason, it’ll make your time go by so fast and it will probably turn out really funny. If writing fictional stories isn’t your thing, just write about your day. Write about your feelings, yourself right now, the things going on in your life, your issues, nobody regrets having a diary. Just journal about your day, again you’ll be surprised where your mind can go when you let it wander.

  1. Write out lyrics

I like writing out the lyrics to my favorite songs when I’m super bored. You obviously have to know almost all the words to the song if you do this, that’s why I do my favorites. I like writing the words out and then erasing them into a design like I’ll write a love song and erase out a heart or I’ll write a Chief Keef song and erase out a gun you know just cute things like that.

  1. Make a candy eating game

Okay, this is for when you CAN’T focus because they professor or material is so boring but you know you need to pay attention! Take a bag of m&m’s or skittles or mini reese’s or whatever you like and make a candy eating game out of your class. Kind of like a drinking game, but not nearly as fun. Pick up on some things your professor always does, like a fidget or something they say often, or watch out for certain parts of the lecture and eat a piece of candy when whatever you’re looking for happens. So whenever Professor Jones cricks his neck, I eat an m&m, for example. This will help you actually focus because you’ll be looking for those ques to eat your candy. This only works if you’re a fat ass.

Go to class and try to enjoy it you guys. It’ll help with your homework later.

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