cheap organization tips for makeup/clothes/desk

Hey guys. So idk about you but when my room is a mess, my life is a mess. That explains why my life is always a huge mess. Anytime I want to reorganize or DIY something cute af my first thought goes to Dollar Tree. Dollar stores are FULL of cute and basic containers you can customize into something super cute and useful. Here are a few tips to help you start getting your shit together.

Makeup Storage:

I always re-do my makeup setup. I don’t know, I just can’t be happy with it for more than a couple months, but I’m really loving how I have it now. In the past I have used desk organizing drawers for makeup storage. You can find these cheap in the school supply section, maybe not at dollar stores but at superstores for sure. Super easy way to have everything organized and stored away. Desk organizers in general are awesome for makeup storage and super cheap. If you go for something actually meant for storing makeup, it would be waaaay over-priced. From the dollar store, make sure you pick up a few glass containers. My favorites are the mini fish bowl shaped ones. You can get $1 bag of rocks too, then fill the bottom of your containers with some rocks, and you have the perfect, chic storage for brushes, lipsticks, eyeliners, whatever you want! I have 3 of the fish bowls I mentioned with white rocks, one with my brushes, one with liquid lipsticks, and one with eyeliners/mascara. Its so easy to see what you have and I reach for different things more when I see them stored like this. I also pick up some small baskets these are peeeerfect for palettes or any flat container. You can store a ton in there and it’ll look great on your vanity. I like using them to keep my drawers organized too instead of just throwing everything in there. Lastly, I like using a small plastic container with a lid, suuuper easy to find at the dollar store, and I just store most of my makeup in this. You can put it in your drawer, it’ll stay together and clean, and it’s super convenient when you want to use it because you can easily take everything, do your makeup, then just put it back. Nothing technical, just easy clean-up, which helps you stay organized longer!!

IMG_2960.JPG            IMG_2962.JPG

FullSizeRender-3.jpg           IMG_2969.JPG


For clothes storage, you need to get medium to large plastic bins w/ lids. You are going to use these for years and years and they are literally 2-5 dollars. Label them with the season (summer/winter clothes) and switch them out every season change! This makes my life sooo much easier than any other method I’ve tried when it comes to storing clothes. You can put the containers deep in your closet or in your laundry room/garage easily. You can also use these containers to store memorable items (that admittedly are in your way). Clothes hangers are understated. You can by these at Dollar Tree, and you get a ton for a dollar! I like to hang my less worn fancy shirts/dresses. You can also hang your jeans, purses, hats, really anything! This leaves any shelf space for my tshirts/sleepwear/daily clothes. Rolling your clothes gives you much more shelf space too. Also a HUUUUGE help in my life has been an over-door coat rack. OH my goodness, if you have tons of hoodies and jackets (which I do), this makes life sooooooo much easier and you can reach for your things so well. It will undoubately give you more space in your closet. If you can’t find this at your local dollar store, look at a Ross or TJ Maxx, they’re always around 4-10 dollars unless they’re overpriced, but go for the cheap one, the look doesn’t even matter, it’ll be covered I promise. This is another thing you can use for years.

IMG_2970.JPG               IMG_2971.JPG


For desks, the same little drawers that can be used for makeup are meant for all your desk items (pens/pencils, highlighters, sticky notes, staples, sharpies, all that jazz). I like using a desk organizer like the one shown below (which I used to use for makeup). And a mini letter organizer is perfect for important papers/bills you don’t want to forget about. I like putting my paychecks/important receipts in here to keep track of my money. A paper tray or folder even is a super cheap way to keep all your papers in one place instead of having them scattered all over. Metal tins, like the ones in the $1 section at target, are perfect for pens/colored pencils/sharpers/etc. You can also use the glass containers I mentioned in makeup organization, and you can do really cute DIY’s! Having a trash can within reach of your desk will help you keep your area clean for sure. You can even get a mini one to put on your table. Hanging charging cords/putting them in baskets will help declutter your desk, you would be surprised how much space these take up, especially when they get tangled. Try keeping your drawers organized with containers, and try keeping most things in the drawers, clutter=messy.

IMG_2966.JPG       IMG_2963.JPG

IMG_2964.JPG         IMG_2965.JPG

Hopefully these tips have inspired you guys to do a little re-organizing! Keep an eye out for posts I’m planning on specific easy DIY’s/decoration tips to do that make your room a little happier!

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