Hey guuuuuys. So this week I took a picture of my outfit every day, just to maybe inspire you guys if you’re struggling with what to wear. Or if you’re just interested in seeing what another person likes to wear daily, that’s cool too. The great thing about college is it doesn’t even matter what you wear, so you can do anything you want! So here’s an example of my personal fashion choices on a regular fall week. WARNING lots of leggings and little color.

I know you can’t see my makeup, but I’ll be listing the important products I used that day under the picture.


Monday: So the day you decide to look cute depends on how early your first class starts. For me, I have extra time Mondays, so I usually look a little cuter. I love light, flowly tops like this one. Perfect for fall weather. I’ve seen tons of these in different colors at charolette russe for only $10 but the particular one I am wearing is from pacsun. The boots are Steve Madden’s that I bought last year. If you want to splurge on good pair of boots (or any shoe honestly) that will last and look classic year after year, definitely check out Steve Madden. Shoe god. I think the socks showing adds a nice accent to the outfit.

Makeup: This day I did a full face of makeup (only day I did dat). I choose a plum look, and I was feeling myself. On the eyes I used Colourpop eyeshadows starting with Kathleen Lights (shimmery soft gold), Drift (goooorgeous cranberry), and Central Perk (the most beautiful dark red/purple/coffee color you’ve ever seen, yes it is inspired by F.R.I.E.N.D.S.). Each of these are only $5!! On the lips I used Huda Beauty Lip Contour is Famous ($19) to line my lips and tops it with the Sephora Matte Liquid Lipstick in Deep Plum ($16).


Tuesday: I have to wake up way too early on Tuesdays, so I’m not looking cute. Admittedly, I really wanted to wear a black hoodie that day, but I couldn’t find it. Buuuut I love reaching for leggings with cool details when I know I’m looking ugly. You can’t really telling, but these leggings have some lace detail at the bottom that make them a tiny bit less basic. Listen, I know a lot of people don’t wear Chacos anymore, but a lot of people still do. And I’m milking my opportunities to wear my favorite summer shoes before it’s 100% boot season.

Makeup: Super simple today. Just some Maybelline Great Lash mascara ($6) and my Kylie Lip Kit in Ginger ($29) btw I only own this one and I use it almost daily so don’t think I’m super bougie, I just fell in love with this color. Even Kylie said it was her favorite at one point!


Wednesday: It got cold AF out of nowhere, so I had to get the heavier jackets out. This jacket was from H&M and I love it smuch. Do people even wear ripped jeans anymore? Idk but I dooo.I broke out those classic Steve Maddens again too. This outfit is just a simple black tee paired with boots and tied together with a jacket. You can’t go wrong.

Makeup: Loreal Voluminous ($8) Colourpop Notion ($6) I have a truly hard time finding red lipsticks, and this is absolutely the perfect one. If it works on me, I KNOOOOW it’s going to work on everybody, I just know it. Definitely give this color a try, it’s beautiful.


Thursday: WHAT?? SOME COLOR?!?! Its insanity!! This highlighter pink Northface is one of my favorites. It adds fun to your life. Graphic tshirts are the best. I love promoting the things I love through tshirts. Today it was Justin Bieber. I honestly don’t listen to Justin that much, that face though. The running shoes were amazingly comfy and my feet and body definitely thanked me later on.

Makeup: Just KLK in Ginger again, that’s it.


Friday: I don’t have class on Fridays, but I do go out (rarely). I love lowkey hoe outfits. Like not straight up hoe, but just a little bit. Something like this, a see through top with a bralette underneath. But if you like going full hoe, you do you girl!!

I know that probably didn’t inspire you much, and I’m sorry I only wear black and white, but this is a very typical Fall Week for me! Enjoy college and have fun with your fashion!! Wear what you love and makes you most confident.


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