How to NOT wear deodorant

I haven’t worn deodorant in over a year. Okay that’s a lie, I guess I should say I haven’t worn regular or unnatural deodorant. Anything you can find at Walmart that smells amazing and plugs up your pores so you don’t sweat all day, those are regular deodorants. “Natural” deodorants are known for not working, that doesn’t mean they don’t work, I think it just means people are doing it wrong or have the wrong expectations! No natural deodorant can work like a standard deodorant (full of aluminum).

Why do this?

I think that’s everyone’s first question when they hear someone stopped wearing deodorant…why? Deodorant has become such a part of our hygiene routine that saying you don’t wear it is like saying you don’t brush your teeth. Deodorant isn’t a necessary part of your hygiene routine, because you’re not cleaning any part of you. You’re actually making yourself more dirty by layering deodorant over old deodorant and pushing that old, bacteria filled residue deeper into your pores. An important part of your hygiene routine would be to actually wash your armpits properly, which we’ll talk about in a little bit. Traditional deodorants are full of aluminum, like the same kind of aluminum you cover a pan with and put in your oven. Yeah, we are taught to layer that shit onto ourselves since 5th grade so we won’t sweat (do you realize how unnatural that is????) and smell really good. It’s the smell that gets people, because your armpit will get smelly throughout the day so obviously you’d rather smell like coconut sunset on the ocean or whatever than an onion. There’s no clear correlation between cancer and deodorant yet, but in my unprofessional, random opinion, I believe the aluminum in deodorant could increase growth in cancer cells, especially breast cancer. That’s the main argument people use when talking about why they don’t wear deodorant. Your body definitely doesn’t need all that excess aluminum, and I’m not giving my body something every day that is so bad for it. For me personally, being a brown girl makes me prone to dark armpits, and deodorant made it so much worse!! I also have a problem with under-skin hairs, and ever since I stopped wearing deodorant both of these problem haven’t been a problem for me!! My armpits are happier, they hurt less, and they naturally smell better.

How to do this.

This is the part that scares people away from even considering not wearing deodorant. It is hard to stop wearing deodorant, admittedly, but totally possible and completely worth it if you ask me! Before we talk about armpit hygiene, we have to talk about the purging period. For 3 days- a week after you stop wearing deodorant, your armpits are going to go through an extremely stinky phase. That’s cause they are so used to deodorant they need it. Not only will your body smell worse than it actually does, you’ll probably sweat more than usual because there’s no longer anything plugging up your armpit pores. Also, the old deodorant that’s been sitting in your armpits is not going to smell nice at this point, so your body just has to go through this purge. I think there are tons of products out there that have effects like that, like chapsticks actually make your lips drier so you’ll need more chapstick, and if you’re addicted to anything your body has to purge it out before recovery can happen. So the most important part of not wearing deodorant is up-keeping a good armpit hygiene routine! You want to make sure you wash your armpits twice if you choose not to wear deodorant because your armpits WILL get smelly over the day and you want to make sure you get 100% of the sweat off. Consider an antibacterial body wash if you feel like you need extra cleansing. After you shower, spend some time shirtless or in a tank top because you want to make sure your armpits are completely dry when they’re clean. I like to follow up after a shower with some witch hazel or alcohol just for extra bacteria killing, a lot of people do baking soda as well. After that, you can try a natural deodorant or an alternative. If you smell yourself getting rancid through the day, you can wipe your armpits with some witch hazel or rubbing alcohol again and just repeat! ARMPIT HYGIENE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS. If you don’t sweat much, this will be a breeze for you. If you do sweat a lot, don’t worry, I do too but I get away with this so you can too.


So most deodorant alternatives are known for “not working” but you have to understand that natural deodorant aren’t going to work like traditional ones. They aren’t “antiperspirants” because they aren’t going to help you not sweat. They’re nothing natural in the world that could do that. Natural deodorants are meant to help neutralize odors and keep bacteria at bay. Bacteria is the reason your armpits smell in the first place, as long as bacteria isn’t under their, you’ll be fine, which is why hygiene is key!! So all that being said, here’s a list of home alternatives and natural deodorant brands I’ve tried.

Peppermint Oil (any strong smelling oil you like) & Water- add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a spray bottle w/ some water and there you go! Tea Tree Oil is a good choice because it’s known to kill bacteria.

Coconut Oil & Baking Soda- A little bit goes a long way! This is a great simple deodorant base, and you can add so many different things to customize.

Lemon- When you’re desperate and smelly, anything works. Lemon will kill all that bacteria and leave you with a fresh, lasting scent so why not?

Witch Hazel/Rubbing Alcohol- I always use witch hazel when I have it, but both of these are great for refreshing.

Apple Cider Vinegar & Water- I cant stand the smell, but this is great because, again, bacteria killing properties.

Get Creative! – There’s a bunch of recipes online, so get creative! Put together ingredients that sound like they’ll work for you and use what you have at home, you don’t have to run out and spend a ton of money at the natural grocery store.

TOMS natural deodorant ($5-7)- This is the easiest natural deodorant for anyone to find and a great one to start off with. Pick this to transition from regular deodorant.

****JASON natural deodorant ($6-$7) – THIS HAS STARS BC IT’S MY FAVORITE. Honestly, I haven’t tried too many natural deodorants because I think I can make something at home that’s just as good, but this changed me. I will always repurchase this because it does a really go job at keeping me smelling nice, I reapply once a day and I love it. I recommend apricot.

Primal Pit Paste ($9) – I think this isn’t worth it. It’s exactly like baking soda and coconut oil with extra scent. I can always use the jar though so that is a plus. Try some DIY remedies before buying natural deodorants, just so you can compare and make good financial decisions.

I hope that was helpful you guys! Make sure to like this if you like it, and check out my other posts on my homepage!

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