Curly Hair Tips

Hi guys!! Some of you may be blessed (cursed) with curly hair, like me. Well let me tell those of you that aren’t, curly hair is HARD to control. It’s even harder to control when not many people in your family have curly hair. But ever since my hair magically turned curly after puberty, I’ve been learning through trial and error what is and isn’t good for it so I’m going to share those tips with you today! I’m going to try and give tips you maybe haven’t heard before, since there are so many posts that say the same thing.

(the picture isn’t me but that’s my impossible hair goals)

1. Go alcohol free– So I’m sure you have all heard about being paraben-free and sulfate-free, but you definitely need to go alcohol free! If you look on the ingredients of 90% of the conditioners on the market, one of the first ingredients is alcohol, same with a lot of styling products. Look into using alcohol free products because it will make your hair much softer in the long run and this is definitely how I battle frizz. I had the worst frizzy hair before, but now my curls are much happier. You can find alcohol free products at sally’s or ulta or your local beauty store. I use Shea Moisture products, but be warned that some of their products do contain alcohol so look at the ingredients. You have to spend a little more on your hair, but I promise it’s worth it.

2. Snip your own ends– You know it’s important to get your ends cut, but did you know you can just do it? Of course I go to my hair stylist like once or twice a year (desperately trying to grow out my hair) but I always keep my dry, sad, dead ends cut. Having curly hair means a little difference in length wont matter so I spend hours watching TV and just snipping off my dead hair. It truly makes a difference in the frizziness and how much it itches me.

3. Oil– Maybe you’ve heard of oiling maybe you haven’t, but Indians and other Asian cultures have been oiling for centuries. “Oiling” is basically massaging oil (coconut, olive, jojoba, almond, etc) into your scalp fro at least 10 minutes and spreading it through your hair. Leave the oil in for at least 2 hours but preferably overnight. This is amazing for helping your hair grow and retain hydration. Pick an oil that penetrates the hair shaft.

4. Cowashing– I’ll use shampoo maybe once or twice a month, when the grossness really builds up, but about once a week I’ll co-wash, or wash with conditioner. So I spread the conditioner (make sure you never rub conditioner or shampoo through hair, be gentle and focus on scrubbing scalp) through my hair and on my scalp and then rinse it out. The conditioner should cling onto oils and dirt in your hair and you can wash them away. I like using a wide tooth comb in the shower, I feel like this helps get everything out of my hair better. Plus, with curly hair your hair doesn’t just fall out daily, so you have to comb out all that hair.

5. Deep conditioning– Get a good deep conditioner, I like Juice Organics coconut repair mask and Shea Moisture raw shea mask. Again, look at the ingredients. If you can understand them, its good!! After washing your hair, put the mask throughout the bottom of your hair. Wash this out during your next shower, or don’t leave as much and just use it as a leave in conditioner.

6. Cream b4 oil make curls coil– Always remember this saying. When styling your hair, use a hair cream, followed by locking it in with some oil, and you will be solid! Your curls should be bouncy, hydrated, happy, and pretty until the next wash. You’re welcome!

 7. Silk pillowcase- Investing in a silk pillowcase will do wonders for your hair and skin in the long term. I’ll go deep into the benefits in a different post. It’s worth the money, just make sure to hand wash.  

Check out Shea Moisture and Deva curl, both great brands! But also, do your own research and I’m sure you’ll find something perfect for you.


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