So we all love makeup. The aisles full of colorful, fun items, we could all play with makeup all day! There are a few makeup items that stick out as going above and beyond when it comes to making you look good, those are your little babies!! These are my go to make up items. I highly recommend all these and I know they all work like a dream.

Bare Minerals original powder foundation, $28.50

This gives incredible coverage for a powder foundation. They make it in a matte formula, but I feel like that would be heavily drying and this is already matte enough.  I usually use two coats, but this works amazing at covering my scarring and larger pores. I suffer with pores clogging easily, so I like only using this, my skin can breathe easier. Also a huge plus is that is has SPF 15!!! I use the color medium beige, but there is a huge color selection and I’d say its a light to medium coverage.

MAC Fix+, $23

This is holy water. You know how Jesus turned water into wine? Well MAC turned water into freaking makeup cement. Makeup artists, theater junkies, and youtubers alike will all agree that MAC Fix+ is unlike any other setting or prep spray. There’s something in this that works with makeup extremely well and just helps it stick all night. If you live close to a MAC store, I recommend getting the smaller container for around $10 because these last really long. I use it before and after putting on makeup and spray my eyeshadow brushes with it and I swear it makes the biggest difference.

Lorac Bronzer: Take Me to Tantego, $30

This was a limited edition this and I’m so happy I got my hands on it in the last second. The swatch isn’t very good, but this quad is to die to for. They are all wearable on my skin during different times of the year and they blend like cream. It hard for me to find bronzers that are dark enough for me so the fact that they all work is crazy. I just hit pan on my favorite one and I’m sad. They might not come back with this exact bronzer quad, but they have shades similar to this available all the time.

Mac X MC: My MiMi, $46

I was captivated by this from the second I saw it and I was torn from the second I saw the price. This is one of the more expensive items from the Mariah Carey X MAC collection and from MAC in general, but it’s honestly worth it. This is the most amazing highlighter for brown girls, if you’re white this will add a really nice golden glow to any bronzer! It’s so so beautiful I cannot stress that enough, please check this out before it goes away. I don’t use much MAC, but this and Fix+ are legendary.

Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipstick: Ginger, $29 for lipstick+liner, $17 for lipstick alone

This is my favorite daily lip product year round. It easily lasts for 6 hours, meaning it looks good through class, work, dates, anything really. This color is a warm, almost brown nude. If “nude” shades are too light and look weird on you, this will be perfect. Thank the lord they make this as a single now. Darker Kylie lip products are generally a little more patchy so I would stay away from those and stick to the lighter shades.

Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, $23 for large size $12 for mini

I’m blessed with pretty good eyelashes, but my goal is to make them look fake without putting on fake ones. I usually just stick to loreal or maybelline mascaras that work really well, but some high end mascaras are worth the hype. The too faced better than sex gives me full glam lashes, definitely don’t get this if you want to be natural. I only recommend looking for a mini because it will be way cheaper and last you just as long. I got mine in a little set with a lipstick and blush for only $16!

Lorac Pocket Pro Palette 1, $18

This is one of my OG favorite products. I bought this years ago and you can tell that it’s well loved, but I haven’t even hit pan yet! This combo works for so many different outfits and you can use the two lighter ones for the day and then add the darkest for night time. This is perfect for a weekend trip or a one-night thing, Lorac eyeshadows are hands down my favorite. The pigment and blendability and pan size is un beatable, I just love her products.

Colourpop crème gel eyeliner: Show Me & Swerve, $5

If you are looking for an extremely long lasting creamy eyeshadow look no further! These eyeliners come in a huge variety of color that can all be used as eyeshadow that will not budge one bit. I use the black eyeliner religiously with they $1 ELF eyeliner brush, it works beautifully.


Colourpop supershock eyeshadow: Drift, $5

This color is impossible to find in the drugstore. Please let me know if you do, but I promise you wont. For so long I thought I couldn’t get this color without buying an expensive full palette, but I finally did. This is a true frosty cranberry color that is gorgeous. It’s useable in so many different looks.

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