Oh. My. Goodness. Can I be honest with you guys? Sometimes I’m hella horny, and all I can think about is oral. It’s fantastic because it’s a two-way road, boys can enjoy it and girls can too. So today, in my third sex talk, I want to talk about my appreciation for and tips to improve your oral sex life. This is pretty awkward, but at least no one will hear but you random stranger. I have tons of ideas for sex talk topics but I’m afraid a lot of them are too raunchy. Well anyway I think it is important to talk about because it’s such a huge part of the activity. There’s nothing more intimate and personal (and freaking amazing??) than taking a little time to, *ahem*, appreciate your partner.


Getting eaten out when you’re a girl feels how warm chocolate chip cookies baking smells (if the person knows what they’re doing). There’s just something so nice about somebody willing wanting to put their face there that makes it endearing. If you are in a relationship, please discuss what you like or need that person to change for you to enjoy it better. If it’s a good relationship, it shouldn’t be hard to talk about and a little bit of change could make a world of difference. If they are trying to please you, they will appreciate you telling them how. Also, don’t just focus on making the girl orgasm, you’ll tire yourself out and it wont be fun for either of you. It generally takes a girl some time to get comfortable and climax, so just relax and enjoy it. Tease her a lot and think about caressing her with yo mouth. Also, if you don’t eat pussy, you’re a little bitch. Girls are always going to go for a raunchy man (or woman) that’s not afraid to go for it. Wanting to be good at giving a girl oral will make you extremely attractive in the end, she wont want to let you go.


*Beyoncé voice* If I were a boyyyyyy I’d want to get my dick sucked to see how it feels. I mean seriously, do you know what these boys would do to get their dick sucked? It must be amazing. I have no way of knowing, but I feel like oral feels better on girls and actual sex is better for the boys, but again that could be a very false statement. Just like people that don’t eat pussy are little bitches, people that don’t suck dick are too. You have to conquer that man and show him whose he really is. Don’t be afraid to ask him what he wants from you, try throwing in a hand or doing something elaborate with you tongue. There are so may ways to keep it interesting, switching up your position or adding elements of surprise. Figure out what kind of tempo he likes, fast, slow? Deep throat or focus on the head? Try different things and see the reaction. Also don’t forget about the balls!!! This is so important and it will make the whole experience that much better. Make sure to give them a cup or a lick here and there. You’re welcome boys.

I think foreplay in general is so important for good sex. If you want to have sex than you should want to take time and really enjoy and please each other, not just get it done like a chore. I hope you enjoyed this SEX TALK! Please check out that last and next post linked below, and follow for more!!

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15 Replies to “SEX TALK 3: ORAL”

  1. Ahem* Nice post 🙂
    It looks good to see people talk and share thoughts frankly…..
    Good Tips for everyone (seems as if you have mastered that *don’t misunderstand me)
    Being Indian, my words might be more conservative.

    Liked by 1 person

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