SEX TALK 4: Sex Industry

This is a little more serious than my usual SEX TALK. I want to make this to spread a little knowledge and awareness of the sex industry, because it is absolutely ginormous and terrifying sometimes. A lot of the sex industry is harmless and for fun, but there is definitely some twisted stuff. I’m going to introduce different jobs that are perfectly legal in the U.S. that are related to the sex industry and then get into a little bit of illegal sex trafficking. The list I have made goes from “best” (using that term very very lightly) to “worst” things in the sex industry. All jobs in the industry are ultimately morally degrading and if you aren’t in a place where you need to do that, I think everybody would agree that you shouldn’t.

Cam Girls

“Camming” has been a thing ever since the internet started if I’m not mistaken. Basically, a bunch of creepy people will pay to watch you dance around, strip, touch yourself, whatever you wanna do, on camera through a website. Cam girls don’t make very much but it’s definitely the least degrading in this scenario, because the girls aren’t having personal or physical contact with the people, and they are in control of what they are doing.


I think everybody thinks strippers are all bougie and loaded, but that is very false. People are cheap and while there are tons of strippers taking home hundreds a night, there are so many more taking home barely anything, feeling like crap, and going home to a family they need to feed. Stripping is horrible because it’s your job to be a sexual enjoyment for all these strangers. I personally can’t imagine that because I prefer keeping that for only a few eyes to see, but that’s just me.

Pornography/Adult Entertainment

It takes a specific kind of person to be a pornstar and then just live life normally. Like, seriously, good pornstars are kind of bad ass because they just own it, of course, there aren’t many good ones. Porn isn’t a life long career either, lots of pornstar need a back up plan. Also, I heard that actually doing porn is really gross and smelly and usually doesn’t feel good because they have to overact so much to make good film. Adult entertainment and sex toys are a big contributor to the ongoing desire for more sex.


This is where it gets a little sticky. There is supposed to be a fine line between escorting and prostitution, but there really isn’t one. Essentially, escorting is legal because you’re not paying for sex, you’re paying someone to go out with you but obviously that’s not what they are expecting. Prostitution is illegal because it is straight up paying for sex, which is what people getting escorts are usually trying to do (see why it’s sticky). Rich people that are lonely usually get escorts (hence why it is legal and okay) but the girls can say no to anything, if they end up having sex its consensual and perfectly legal, because technically he paid her to go out with him not just have sex. It’s a messed up system. Prostitutes kind of have to do whatever the person pays for since they have a pimp and its only for sex. Anybody who has either of these jobs needs a slap in the face and Jesus. Seriously, if you know someone who does either of these please try to guide them to a better way because this will seriously mess you up.

Sex Slavery/Use of Children

This is where is gets extremely dark. Sex trafficking and illegal sex slavery has been a huge issue in the U.S. and all around the world since the beginning of time. Un-consenting sex of any kind is disturbing, but un-consenting sex from someone who was kidnapped or even worse a child that was kidnapped is not even comprehendible. This is something that is happening in our world everyday, and even if this only affected a handful of people, it would be a huge problem. I can’t even fathom knowing that this is happening right now in my state and all over the world. Hopefully with awareness and action against this evil, we can do something to make a difference and save people from illegal sex trade or illegal sex of any sort.

If you’re considering work in the sex industry, please do your research, talk to others that have done it, and be safe. Spread awareness of illegal sex trade and always stay safe while traveling or in public. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this, even though it was a little heavy. You can find some funner SEX TALKS linked below.

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13 Replies to “SEX TALK 4: Sex Industry”

  1. As a man old enough to be your grandmother’s grandfather, I visited to say thanks for your ‘Follow’ and, of course, immediately read all your Sex Talks.
    I was laughing until this one, and I commend you for your effort here.
    My only criticism is that you are not sufficiently vitriolic in your condemnation of the perpetrators of the last category.
    The other categories consist of, in the main, consenting adults (yes, I know there are exceptions and extenuating circumstances).
    Sex slavery is unacceptable in a civilised society.
    Sex with children is unforgivable, and should be punished by the local parents (or grandparents?) association.
    Keep writing the stuff that hurts, Rose, and good luck.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so so much this means a lot to me. I value criticism and advice from people wiser than me more than anything! Sex trafficking is such a terrifying, huge, underlying issue in the state I live in and I only wanted to spread awareness so people will know and be safe. It’s difficult to capture the evil of it in short text. Looking back, I do wish I made a complete other post about it, maybe I will one day!! I appreciate the luck, I really need it as a college student! Thank you so much for reading, I will make sure to keep up with your work 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Laughing! I said I was older, I make no claim to wisdom.
        This is sadly an evil that has been around as long as man, all we can do is keep exposing it as the vile thing it is.
        You seem very mature for a young lady, I am sure you will succeed in college through hard work rather than luck.
        As for life, I wish you huge dauds of luck, I think we all need lots of that nowadays.
        Thank you for your support of my writing.
        As a student you might find my little e-book interesting (Amazon’s cheapest price!)
        Hugs, if I may

        Liked by 1 person

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