How to make 2017 the best year ever!


Happy New Year guys! I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, because you can set a goal anytime of the year, but I do have a few things I think we can all do to make our year a little better. 2016 was…. exhausting to say the least. It’s depressing to think that things will only get worse, so here’s some help to try to make it great for yourself! Remember, anyone can tell you it will get better but only you can actually make it better for yourself.

  1. Don’t leave things unfinished

This is a problem that I personally have, where I will start something and then do it in pieces instead of all at once. So I’ll start cleaning my room and then not finish for a couple days, or homework, or anything of the sort. Make it a goal this year to begin and end something in one sitting because you will be much further ahead and more organized.

  1. Loose scheduling

When the semester starts, I’m going to have a certain couple of hours every day that are meant for studying. This way, it is easy to fall into the habit and it’ll feel weird to not study at that time of day. So 5 PM, for example, will probably be the time I study every day, probably until dinner time! This applies to eating, pooping, cleaning, cooking, working out, and anything you do daily! Set a certain time for those things and it’ll be easier to get them done each day and keep your day less cluttered.

  1. Organize

This is one everyone hates but it’s really helpful to start a fresh year off with an organized life. Whether it be scheduling stuff or planning out dinner a week ahead, or cleaning out your closets and makeup (which this article could help you with cheap organization tips), figure out what is a mess in your life and find a way to clean it up!

  1. Be in touch with yourself

Make sure you know how you personally feel about every decision you make and don’t rely solely on everyones recommendation. Surround yourself with people who want to support and love you and not change anything about you. Positive energy is so important in people and if somebody is bringing negativity into your life, get away from that person. Knowing yourself helps you be better for those around you and all around happier and more stable. Also, you can pick out who is good and bad in your life easily if you know yourself.

  1. Help others

There are thousands of ways to give help to your local community and larger world. I believe we should all focus on our immediate community first, but whatever you are passionate about helping, whether its dolphins, starving children, or the homeless people down your street, get out there and help. You don’t have to volunteer for hours or give tons of money, spreading awareness and supporting people is great. If you are in school, there are probably many ways you can connect with helping different people through clubs or organizations. You can volunteer at a nursing home or the pet shelter, just google things in your area, and get out there and help someone because there is definitely someone less fortunate that would appreciate it. The warm feeling of accomplishment and good karma are just bonus points for being a good person.

  1. Don’t focus on the negative

Obviously, life is going to get hard, but the key is to realize and understand that and move on. I know its really difficult, but it’s also inevitable that life is going to suck sometimes. Don’t focus on that! There is no need, I promise. The world around you cannot stop for your grief and you must keep pushing forward too, to realize eventually what your purpose is. I know it may seem hopeless sometimes, but we all have a purpose and the best ones take time to be found out. Everything happens for a reason even if the reason isn’t clear.

  1. Eat better/ Drink more H20

I know this is another cliché, but I’m not saying you gotta make it hard here. Just cut out a few bad things you may eat all the time or eat more vegetables and fruits. People are afraid of eating better or “dieting”  but its really not that big of a deal. Don’t consider it a “diet” , but a lifestyle change. Eat less unhealthy sugars, eat out less, drink 64 oz of water a day, and eat more salads, this alone will help you save money and get to a healthy weight.

  1. Unplug a little bit 

Studies show that checking social media leaves some of your focus there, so try to check your stuff in the morning, avoid during school/work, then check again when you get home. This way you can limit your time on your phone and pay more attention to real life.

  1. This!

I found this list on Pinterest and I love it because it’s not impossible goals that you set and never make, just some little things you can hope to accomplish this year, I will link the post below if you are interested in printing it!


Don’t spread hate, karma will absolutely come for you one day. Focus on the good things in life and your year should be full of joy! I’m excited and optimistic for this year and all the fun blog posts to come!  Thank you so much for reading!!!

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