an open letter to my ex

To the ex that broke my heart and never looked back,

Thank you. Thank you for leaving me, because you don’t deserve to be with someone as awesome as me if you can’t see that. Thank you for bringing out love and compassion in me that I never knew existed. Thank you for showing me how honest and loyal and real I can be. Thank you for making me a better person.

I never thought that I could be haunted by somebody who isn’t even dead, but I can’t help but have you on my mind. For me, I look at our relationship and think of good memories even though you think so negatively. I sometimes see you with your new bitch and think “wow. Poor her.”  because I know her untimely end will approach with you someday, you’ve never been one to commit. I also know your heart isn’t in one place because I see you liking all these girl’s pictures on the internet. That’s not loyalty, grow the fuck up.

Just remember that Karma is very, very real. You can’t damage something so badly and not have it come back to bite you. You didn’t have to cut me off and we don’t have to be enemies, but if you’re too immature to see that then I don’t even want you in my life. I have no desire to be with you, I only wish we could be friends. You seldom find people that truly care about you, people that don’t want you for something like sex, a job, food, a place to stay, etc., but truly care about you as a human and I believe we should hold onto those people no matter who they are. I hate crying about our broken relationship because it’s a waste of my sadness, but I can’t help it sometimes. You can’t give up so much of yourself to one person and feel whole so soon without it.

In the end, you made me stronger and wiser, and I don’t regret the experience we had. I know you’ll come around one day because the love I gave you was pure, but just know that I’m not waiting for that. My only wish is that we could be friends.


one of your many past lovers

11 Replies to “an open letter to my ex”

      1. same! That’s how you know they arent worth it! I didn’t link it for the coming back part, just the moving on! Thank you so much for reading and I’m so glad you enjoyed 🙂

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