Makeup Hot or Not 1 : COLOURPOP

I realized that when I discover a makeup brand with a few really good items, I go all out and buy a ton of stuff from that brand. I’ve decided to start a series of posts reviewing everything I own from certain makeup brands and give you a general thumbs up or down to the brand!

Today I am going to review my COLOURPOP collection and forewarning, I have a TON of their products. I can’t get enough of this brand, they are super cheap, they have probably every color eyeshadow, liner, or liquid lipstick you could ask for. Swatching the eyeshadows on paper wasn’t the best idea because you can’t tell the pigment and beautiful shine these products have.

The items I reach for the most are pink!


  • Cheap
  • International shipping/availability
  • High pigment
  • Solid packaging
  • Cruelty Free!!!!


  • Lipsticks can be drying/ patchy
  • Words rub off packaging
  • Liquid lipsticks may drip/ be messy
Liquid Lipsticks- $6


Notion is a beautiful deep red shade that can be worn by anyone! I have a hard time finding red lipstick that looks good on me and this one works!


Frick N Frack is a dark brownish pink. Great for spring time!


LAX is a deep deep blackened red. This shade is mysterious and can be stunning in a makeup look.


This one takes the cake as one of my favorite! Love Bug is a warm terracota brown that you will not be able to stop wearing. This is another one that will look great on everyone. 


I don’t usually go for pinks but Viper is the perfect purple/pink mix. I love this one, it makes me feel like a mean girl from the 90s.


Clueless is the perfect flirty pink shade. I picked this up for the spring time when i actually wear girly dresses and not just mens clothes.


Kapow is a dusty greyish brown. Not something I would pick up daily, but you could do a really cool, unique look with this shade and its flattering.

Lippie Stix- $5


Grunge is the perefect brown for me. It’s not straight up brown, but a little softer, which makes it perfect for my age. I love this when I want to look professional or badass.


This is Leather and I honestly don’t reach for this one very much because its patchy and drying but the color is really pretty.

Super Shocker Eyeshadows- $5


Lace is a gorgeous dark purple. Perfect for a punk look or royalty.


Kathleenlights is my go to gold eyeshadow. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It looks like liquid gold.


Central Perk is another shade I use all the time. It’s name is inspired by the show friends, and this is such an amazing rusty matte brown for your crease. 


I have raved about Drift before, but I just cant stress it enough. You wont find this color at this price, with such amazing quality. This frosty cranberry is a must have. 


Kaepop is a less intense gold. I like using this as a golden highlight.


Stereo is perfect for a night out. This sparkly brown will accent every outfit.


This color, Cornelius, is too light for me. I thought it would be a nice base, but it doesn’t even show up. This is good for fairer skinned peeps.


I cant even explain this color. So Quiche is an olivey brown color with multicolored sparkles in it, you have to see this one. It’s so unique, you’ve never seen something like it.

Super Shocker Highlighter- $8


This is the only face product I have from Colourpop but their blushes and bronzers look amazing and they are $8 as well. Butterfly Effect is probably their most neutral highlighter, which means its the only one I think anyone could wear, and its beautiful!

Gel Eyeliners- $5


Colourpop has a HUGE selection of eyeliner colors. They are so creamy they can be used as eyeshadow THAT WONT MOVE. Try it. I use the black gel, Swerve, with a $1 ELF brush and its so so nice and lasts all day. The golden copper shade is called Show Me and you can already tell how beautiful it would be as an eyeshadow base.

Overall I say Colourpop is HOT HOT HOT. Theres color selection for everyone and you can’t beat that price. You can find better highlighters and blushes for your money but eyeshadows and lip products from this brand are definitely worth the hype! 

Thank you guys for reading! Let me know if there’s a makeup brand you want me to review! Check out the next post linked below!

Makeup Hot or Not 2: KYLIE COSMETICS


17 Replies to “Makeup Hot or Not 1 : COLOURPOP”

  1. Love yoour review but for the price for me they are perfect brand. Love the packaging, love the idea, lipsticks Ultra Matte are little bit drying and patchy but the Ultra satin lip are perfect one. Highligters are good and very pigmented and shadows are very good for the price :-). Love your blog post. I have wrote about my colourpop products if you want you can look for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so so much! I really appreciate it and I’m gonna do a post about Kylie cosmetics and BH cosmetics and more soon so be sure to check back! Thank you for the likes and reading! I’ll be sure to look at your blog and keep up with it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love colourpop eyeshadows! I can count on the metallics to really make my eyes pop 🙂 how are you liking the highlighter? How do you like to apply it to your face? I’m thinking of picking a few of those up but am still on the fence about it :O

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Honestly, I don’t reach for it often! It doesn’t pop enough. Try wet n wild, nyx, or milani highlighters for drugstore! I reach for my MAC highlighter the most, but anastasia beverly hills and becca are the best high end. I use my finger to apply!

      Liked by 1 person

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