Makeup Storage using old candles!

I’m a hoarder. It’s so hard for me to throw away shopping bags, empty products, and old candles, mainly because I love the memories they gave me. Luckily, most of the things I keep end up getting used at one point or another. Today I’m going to talk about some simple ways you can use your old candle containers to display and organize your makeup. I didn’t do anything special, but there’s an endless amount of cute DIY’s you could do to make them more personal, I will link some pintrest posts below!

This most simple way to clean out old candles is to place them in boiling water and weigh them down. Bring to a boil and let it cool until its only warm, and then simply dump the excess wax into the trash (NOT SINK). You can clean the rest off with hot water and rubbing alcohol, I honestly just take them in the hot shower with me and wash them with dish soap. There are tons of hacks to cleaning out wax, so find whatever works!

Eventually I will do a post about all the ways you can use candle containers for decor and kitchen storage, but for makeup specifically, you can hot glue these together into a cool shape, or you can just use them individually. You can find cute rocks at your local dollar store and fill them up and you’re ready to go! As you can see in the picture, I personally just put makeup items that I use often into two of them, I have one with q tips, one with brushes, one with longer lipsticks, and one with smaller lipsticks or minis. Other things you could get for organizing makeup would be cheap baskets or drawer sets you can find at dollar stores. Plastic containers with lids come in handy for makeup you don’t use as often. My cotton balls are stored in an old chocolate container, so look around your house for things you can recycle and use for storage! Also, keep the lids to the candles if they have one, you can use them if you decide to do something else with the container or if you store food in them. 


I hope this inspired you to change things up in your makeup organization and get creative! Check out my other makeup posts and these pins to personalize the containers! 

Super Unique Ways to Reuse Old Candles/ Jars!  

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