Makeup Hot or Not 2: KYLIE COSMETICS

I want to preface this post by saying I do not have many products from Kylie Cosmetics because I don’t have that much money, but this is a fun company to splurge with. Her products aren’t THAT expensive compared to department store makeup, but they certainly aren’t drugstore. I would say the prices are like cheaper brands at Sephora, about $15-$50 for single products, and she has come out with bundles that are $100-$290. I’m here to tell you if it’s worth it! If you’ve been thinking about trying out Kylie Jenner’s trendy brand, this is a great place to start!

When this brand first launched, it was impossible to get your hands on the products, selling out basically instantly. Now that it’s been about a year, most of the products are readily available, however they do usually sell out the first few launches. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Royal Peach Palette during the very first launch before they sold out and I’m SOSOSO excited! I’ll talk more about that below. This brand has come a far way in one year, every makeup brand goes through tons of changes when they first come out because by trial and error they see what customers like. The formula and shipping of these products has improved immensely since its start.

Kylie Cosmetics is owned by the same company that owns Colourpop (all makeup brands have a mother company that makes/distributes product) so many people compare the two, but they are way different. The packaging sizes and styles may be similar but Coulourpop logos wipe off over time and Kylie ones don’t. Also, you can’t even compare the formulas. Kylie’s last much longer and they are virtually unfeelable on the lips. I still loooooove Colourpop and you can find dupes for any Kylie product from Colourpop, but if you can afford it, Kylie products could be worth the investment. It’s up to you to decide because I would definitely never buy a $30 Kylie eyeliner when I could get one at Colourpop for $5, but I think some Kylie products could be staples for you.


  • International shipping/availability
  • Free shipping on $40+ in U.S., 60+ internationally
  • Solid packaging that will stay the same
  • liquid lipsticks last for hours
  • “lip kits” make it easy to find color and liner


  • May be expensive
  • Items tend to sell out sometimes
  • Darker lip colors tend to be patchy
  • lip liners need sharpening, I would prefer push up
Ginger Lip Kit- $29


Now, she has made this available as a single lipstick for $17 and THANK THE LORD ALMIGHTY that she did because this is forever going to be my favorite daily lipstick. When the company first launched, none of the colors really excited me, until this one came out in summer 2016. I knew from the second I saw it that I had to have it. This color is a warm nudish terracotta brown. Kylie said it was one of her favorites once too, and I definitely see why because it’s truly a unique color. It’s the perfect nude shade if “nudes” are way too light for you. It makes me look slightly unapproachable which sounds like a bad thing but I love it.

Spice Lip Kit- $29


I wouldn’t recommend darker Kylie lip products like this one, because her formulas dry matte so if your lips aren’t 100% moisturized and flakeless, they will look patchy. They also don’t last as long as the lighter ones. I still love this shade and wear it often, but I’m going to stick to lipstick for darker shades rather than liquid lipsticks because they tend to be more moisturizing and even. Spice is a pretty, deep raspberry plum shade.

Posie K- $17


This was a part of the first few colors Kylie came out with so it was hard to get at first, but when I saw this I knew it was perfect for my best friend. I can finally get it for her now and she wears it all the time, now she sees what I was hyping about with my KLK. Posie is a darker yet subtle pink.

The Royal Peach Palette- $45


Just like the lipsticks, none of the early Kylie eyeshadow palettes interested me. I think she has come out with 4 so far, and they were all gorgeous but super generic and similar to every other palette on the market. This caught my attention because I have NEVER seen a palette like this. Like never. Goodbye millions of shades of browns and neutral bases and hello color!! This palette is amazing. It’s full of peachy tones that are soso in right now and the best part is, even though it’s colorful, all the colors are completely useable! I know I’m about to reach for this alllllllll the time. Also, this has an amazing huge mirror and 3 more shades than her other palettes. I swatched these colors and did different eye looks using this palette in this post! 7 Eye Looks using the Royal Peach Palette by Kylie Cosmetics!


Overall, I would say Kylie Cosmetics is HOT. I don’t think you need everything from this brand, but if a certain thing catches your eye then save up for it and get it! You’ll most likely end up using it often.

Thank you guys so much for reading and check out my first Hot or Not and other makeup posts below!

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12 Replies to “Makeup Hot or Not 2: KYLIE COSMETICS”

  1. Love her brand. But in my opinion I would rather buy some other company palettes for less money like Crown or Morphe and liquid lipsticks from Colourpop. I think her brand can be duped from a lot of others :-). But I like your post and opinion

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  2. Great post! I love her brand and do think that it’s worth it! I really want to try out her Royal Peach palettte, some other lip kits and maybe some glosses!

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  3. Enjoyed the read. I have only one Kylie liquid lip and the Bonzed palette as is was gifted and i do love the formula and the colour pay off and its really a handy one to have even if as you said its very generc and common looking. I am really interested in gettng the peach palette as the colours look amazing and so different to most of the colours i own.

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