7 Eye Looks using the Royal Peach Palette by Kylie Cosmetics!

I recently got my hands on the newest Kylie eyeshadow palette, and I’m in love! I always go for looks that are dark, smoldering, and smoky, so it’s weird that I originally even liked this palette. I was able to get it on the first launch and now that more people are getting ahold of it, I thought it would be fun to show you the looks I’ve been doing! This palette definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I’m not mad about it at all. This is going to be my go to eyeshadow palette in the spring and summer!

For this post, I only used colors from the Royal Peach Palette, but the possibilities would have been endless and amazing if I used all my eyeshadows. You don’t need the Kylie palette to do these looks, of course, anyone can recreate with similar or unique colors! This is just to inspire your makeup creativity and maybe help some of you out if you got this palette and can’t think of looks to do. I did most of these looks for school or work so there isn’t anything too crazy, dramatic, or unwearable.

Before we get into the looks, I thought it would be important to swatch the shades to give you a better idea about their color. I color coordinated the colors so if you are looking for a certain one you can easily find it in the post! Also I starred the colors I reach for the most.  I used each shade at least once so if you don’t know how you could use one, this might give you ideas! 


Top row-

fullsizerender-26Sorbet: A soft matte orangish cream

fullsizerender-20Seashell: A shimmery taupe with peach undertones*

fullsizerender-21Peachy: A matte true bright peach* 

fullsizerender-22Royal: A pretty matte cobalt blue

fullsizerender-19Queen Bee: A shimmery golden tan

fullsizerender-23Duke: A warm shimmery red-orange *

Bottom row-

fullsizerender-25Duchess: A shimmery burnt light brown 

fullsizerender-24Sandy: A matte sand color

fullsizerender-29Mojito: A shimmery subtle lime green

fullsizerender-30North Star: A shimmery pinkish purple

fullsizerender-27Crush: A matte peachy pink

fullsizerender-28Cinnamon: A matte dark peachy orange*

Tip- Smudging the darkest color used under your bottom lashes will instantly look better and more professional! Fake it til you make it!


This is the look I will probably do most often, especially in the spring! All i did here was use Peachy and some mascara. I add a tiny bit of Cinnamon and Duke in the outer corners as well sometimes. This look is, not to be corny, just peachy! I can’t believe how beautiful this color alone is.


I was most worried about using Royal in a look because I’m afraid of using blues, but this one turned out beautiful. It’s pretty dark so it’s not screaming or anything which means I’m actually going to put use to it! For this look, I started with Sandy and then used Cinnamon and Queen Bee in the crease. I used Royal as a light eyeliner and under my eyes, I would’ve done it better if I was doing something more interesting than school that day. The blue accents the peachy tones incredibly, that’s why I think she added it. I love this look matte but you can add some shimmer to!



For this, I wanted to use the Mojito color so I started with Seashell and then Mojito all over my lids. I was surprised to see how useable it actually was, I thought it would be super green and something I couldn’t use, but this color is amazing especially if you are wearing olive colored clothes, the picture doesn’t show it well but theres a subtle yet gorgeous lime green hint to this. I then accented my inner and outer corners with Duchess and for the bottom look, i added Cinnamon and Duke on top of Duchess because I was wearing glasses and I wanted the color to pop more. I’ve been obsessed with doing eyeshadow by using the same color on the inner and outer corners, i’ll link the pin that inspired me below! I also lined my eyes lightly this day with my colourpop gel eyeliner and $1 ELF eyeliner brush.


This palette continued to surprise me each time I used it. I kept thinking the colors were going to be super pink or super blue or super green and virtually unusable but they proved me wrong each time by being completely subtle and useable. For this look, I used North Star all over my lids and then Sorbet to highlight my inner corners just a bit and I topped it off with a little bit of Crush and Peachy in the crease and then Peachy under the eyes. I just used mascara but you can see it smudged a bit, nobody’s perfect 🙂 I topped this look of with a pink gloss and I looove this pink look.


You can tell the lighting is noticeably different in this picture than the others because this was taken at night when I didn’t have natural lighting. It’s very unfortunate because this was one of my favorite looks and you can’t see the true color :(. All I used for this look was Peachy all over my lids then a little bit of Seashell in the middle to add shimmer and the Royal in the inner and outer corner! I topped it of with a winged liner.  I love this look so so much. I would add a dark purple on top of Royal when I recreate this look one day. Here is the pin that inspired this: Eye Inspiration


For this look I decided to slip back into my comfort zone just a little bit. I used the more “normal” tones to create this classic brownish red look. I started with Sandy all over my lids and then Seashell on half so my inner corners were still matte but the lids had some shimmer. I topped it off with Cinnamon and then Duke in the outer corners.


For my last look I wanted to do something colorful. I started with Peachy all over the lids and Mojito in the inner corners. i used Royal in the crease and finished the look with Crush as a barely there eyeliner and under the eyes.

This Kylie palette is unlike any of my other eyeshadows. I now do looks that don’t just involve browns and dark colors and I truly love it! I can’t wait to use this in the spring and summer. Thank you for reading! I hope you found some inspiration!

 Let me know if you have the Royal Peach Palette or if you’re thinking about purchasing!

I reviewed all my Kylie Cosmetics products in this post if you are interested! 

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  1. I love Kylie products but I won’t buy any of these because I think that I can buy more palettes like The Balm that have similar and even better quality shadows in it. But I love your look and the colours in the palette 👌🏻🎀👍🏻

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