Hi lovely people. I really love fashion and hope to make more fashion posts, today I want to share with you some looks I’ve been wearing to school! It’s the beginning of the winter semester and  things are in full swing so I thought it’d be a good time to make this post. Winter where I live is cold one day and warm the next so I’ve been wearing all kind of things. It’s been a little warmer these past couple of weeks so that’s why the outfits aren’t super bulky. College is great because you can wear the same thing over and over and no one will notice, and you can wear whatever you want. K-12 schools in the U.S. tend to focus more on unnecessary dress policy than giving a good education, but anywayssss college is awesome because you can express yourself. I hope you enjoy these looks and they inspire you in some way.


This shirt looks really wide because I made the bad choice of holding it weird, but I love doing a look like this. It’s simple yet cute. The sports bra is from Urban Outfitters Online, $32, flannel from Old Navy, $15, boots from Wet Seal, $20 (1/2 off).


A classical college look is an oversized hoodie repping your school. It’s a great investment because you can wear it every year. Also, the Uggs that I am wearing are 6 years old and they still sell them. These sweater Uggs are the best investment because other Uggs fall apart but these always look brand new and they are so so comfy. I wear them in the house, to class, traveling, they’re are just the GOAT.  If you know me you know I wear all black all the time because you cant go wrong if you ask me. This Champion OU hoodie was from my campus bookstore it’s a mens hoodie S, $40 and the Uggs from Dillards, $150. 


I had to show you the front and back of this shirt because the back is awesome. I love pairing a simple tee with boots. Shoutout to my butt tho. This Adidas tee was from Pacsun, $32.


I love cozy sweater with a little a pattern, it makes things much more interest. This Forever 21 Mens cheetah sweater was $17.


This jacket has 100% been my life. It’s literally a blanket and it makes me so warm and happy. These tank tops are also everything and I stock up on them because they are so cheap and I use them every day! Leggings and a tank top is my go to foundation for most outfits. The jacket was $22 from Forever 21 and the tank top is only $1.90 for F21!


This look is the same as the first one with a different flannel. It’s one of my favorite looks. This flannel was from Zumiez ($13, on sale).


Tshirts are just necessary for warmer days when you can just grab a light jacket. And of course I’m always down to rep Queen B. This Beyonce tee was $40 from Urban Outfitters online.


Sometimes I wear girl clothes, it’s rare, but it happens. This Forever 21 comfy, soft sweater was $20. 


Thank you guys so much for reading! I do this every season so check out my fall post and other fashion posts below! Feel free to leave me a comment if you like or don’t like my looks, I love feedback and interacting with you guys! Sending love to you. 



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