Fuck Donald Trump (warning: EXPILICT)

I can’t hold my tongue any longer. From the beginning of the announcement of the presidential candidates, this has been a joke. I can’t believe everything that is happening in the current day we live in, is it 70 years ago? I remember when Trump won and everyone on my Facebook was saying “why are people even mad like he’s gonna be a great president totally for the people bro” (with the voice of privileged white fraternity members in my business classes). If this country has ever seen a with the people president, it was President Obama. Trump has always been a wealthy man, with deluded visions, in the top 1%, NOT EVEN COMING CLOSE TO UNDERSTANDING how the average human may live, or really anything for that matter, have you heard the man speak? Donald trump deserves to be butt fucked by Satan repeatedly until he catches fire. Sorry for that image, but I can not stand seeing my country being ran by a man with such obvious hate and distaste in his heart. He spreads untrue things for propaganda, how can anybody respect this man. My mom is worried about me speaking out against the government but I literally couldn’t care less. My founding fathers set up amendments that give me these rights 100s of years ago and I’ll be damned to let a carrot in a wig take them away. Donald trump, you’re not even good enough to eat my ass dude let alone run this country. I was born here nearly 20 years ago, my parents came to this country, worked extremely hard, paid all their taxes, and now live debt free, something MANY “citizens” can never say they have done. We are as much as and even more than citizens as anyone in this country. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of people have the same story. And if any of you that supported or voted for him post anything about “equality” or “saving people in the Middle East” I just wish I could scream REALLY into your face because you heard his words, you knew his opinion, and you supported it, don’t you DARE try to act like you are all of a sudden for the “greater good”. You wanted this, you voted for racism, sexism, and white privilege, you better support what you wanted so badly. I don’t even look at ignorance on social media because it seriously upsets me. Just don’t speak about things that you don’t truly know about (and no, reading two Facebook articles about something doesn’t give you enough credit to speak) and spread wisdom about the things you have researched and experienced. Have an open heart, mind, and eyes. If, god forbid, this escalates to war (I pray to any god that it will not), Trump supporters must think while saying goodbye to family members, friends, siblings, lovers that are going to fight an UNNECESSARY war and reflect on the eight glorious years of President Obama. I’m not against trump supporters (just think you guys are easily fooled) I am for all people, I am for peace, love, and all the things we have been striving for for years. I am for progress, and rights, and feeling truly equal, and not looking down upon someone for the way they are but taking that as an opportunity to broaden your knowledge about the beautiful culture of our world. If I have learned one thing from Donald Trump, a man I will never call my president, it is that money and the right connections can get you anywhere, sanity, moral ethics, a brain, compassion, and reasoning skills are not so important. This motivates me to continue to work hard to build myself and eventually have enough money for a lot of people to listen to me, and I can hold that success because I have those characteristics that he lacks and we will see in ten years from now where I am versus where marmalade is. If you know anybody Iranian or from any of the countries being picked on for no reason, you’ll know they are hardworking and good souled people, even the ones in Iran or those other nations. Speaking and trying to bring a vast knowledge of the unknown to people is all we can do right now which can help, maybe slowly, but eventually the bigger dogs will hear us. Changing one individuals perspective can make a chain effect. The goal is to really make people hear you and take in what you’re saying not just agree with you to make you stop talking. So continue to protest, fight for equality, fairness, and knowledge. If anyone tells you to shut up about it because your voice doesn’t matter DON’T LISTEN, do it for me and the thousands in your community that are affected by this. This is a huge part of our history, are you going to be a positive part of it like your ancestors that marched w MLK, did sit-ins, and protests to bring us a better life, or are you going to keep telling people to shut up about it?

I truly don’t mean to offend anyone, I’m just upset and disappointed. A country I have always called home is suddenly not so comfortable and safe.

Feel free to comment your thoughts and objections, I love interacting with you. 

Here’s my previous post on the issue

being an Iranian in the USA right now

15 Replies to “Fuck Donald Trump (warning: EXPILICT)”

  1. A carrot with a wig. I’m gonna have nightmares from that 🙂
    I refuse to agree on the definition a “new world order”, that media keeps chanting. What was wrong with the previous one? I’m a very peaceful person until someone intentionally steps on my toes. So what about all those toes out there in the world, when will they react? How far can he go? What about the Iranian toes after he twittered that “Iran is playing with fire”? How ignorant and stupid can a carrot be?

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    1. the idea to “make america great AGAIN” is just wrong, because we haven’t reached “greatness” at any point in our history. Progress is moving forward not being stuck in the past that was far worse than the tragedy of today. I don’t know how I’m going to get through four years of this when it hasn’t even been a month 😥


  2. No offence taken – I understand your rage and I believe it’s justified – I feel bad enough and I don’t even live in your country – know that thousands/millions of people around the world want this to be over and our hearts are with you ❤️

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and your words mean the world to me. The comments I’m seeing are all out of compassion and concern and that means absolutely everything to me so thank you. As long as we stand together we can prove that love conquers hate ❤

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  3. Please take this old man’s advice with the respect it is given.
    Most teens and young adults need to learn old fashion logic.
    There’s a good link to an educator’s blog that explains it well. I’ll give it if you want.
    Keep searching…

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  4. 👏👏 I have quite a few on line American friends who are feeling so scared & lost right now. It’s frightening and frustrating and at times straight up ludicrous for me watching as an outsider , I can’t possibly imagine what it’s like from yours!

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