Makeup Hot or Not 3: WET N WILD

Hello beautiful readers! I’m here again with another Makeup Hot or Not, today reviewing Wet N Wild. Thank you for the overwhelming response to my last few posts, you guys are amazing :’). 

On my way home from work last night, I decided to stop by the drugstore and pick up a few new makeup items, just for fun honestly! I got all Wet n Wild products, because they are well priced, CRUELTY FREE <3, and just great all around. I ended up getting six new products for $23 after tax, and that’s amazing! I’ve had a few things from this brand in the past, but I was super excited to try new stuff, and I am IMPRESSED.

I was poking around on the sites website to try and figure out if it is available internationally or if they offer free shipping, please let me know if you live outside of the U.S. if your country has this brand. I believe it’s only available in the U.S. and Canada right now. I did see on their website that they have SO MANY CUTE PRODUCTS that you don’t see in store, and gift/discount offers!


  • Cruelty Free!!!
  • cheap
  • available at most drugstore and even dollar stores
  • wide variety of products including nail polish
  • no chemical smells or odd textures


  • not available outside of U.S. or Canada (working on it)
  • packaging may break after using for a while


Megalast Lip Color $2.39

I thought these lipsticks had more variety, but my drugstore probably just doesn’t carry much. I love these lipsticks, they are cheap and have lots of colors and they truly do last.

Left: Mochalious Right:Sandy

I wanted to swatch these side by side because I wasn’t sure how similar they were, but I’m happy to see they are different! Sandy is more orangish red and Mochalious is more purple undertones.


This color is right up my alley. Warm toned, perfect for class or everyday.


This has been one of my favorites for a long time now, it’s so gorgeous. If you’re looking for a great brown that will work on anyone, try this out.

Vamp it Up
Vamp it Up

Not one I reach for all the time, but it’s still very useable and perfect if you want an almost black but not completely.

Megaslicks Lip Gloss $1.99

Wined and Dined
Wined and Dined

I recently bought a Kylie lipgloss for $15 and I’m SO MAD.  The color I got isnt useable and the wuality isnt that great. If only I discovered these Wet N Wild ones beforehand. They had so many different colors, the pigmentation is amazing, and they are TWO DOLLARS OMG. I also love this color and the name, it’s so elegant and perfect for getting wined and dined. This will never leave my purse.

Coloricon Eyeshadow Trio $3.39

Im Getting Sunburned
I’m Getting Sunburned

These are everything. I remember my sister had one she used for years and years. I WAS SO IMPRESSED WHEN I SWATCHED THESE. I knew they would be good but I truly didn’t expect it to be that good. I’m going to use these all the time. I had such a hard time picking a trio because there were so many I wanted. I must shoutout Spoiled Brat and Walking on Eggshells because those were great as well.

Coloricon Bronzer $4.59

Ticket to Brazil
Ticket to Brazil

This bronzer, like most, seems too light for me but I have owned it before and it’s perfect for warming up my foundation while still looking natural! And it has SPF, added bonus!

Megaglo Illuminating Palette Eclairage $4.99

Catwalk Pink
Catwalk Pink

I couldnt help myself. I had to buy this. It was too beautiful. I had to make the swatch biger so you guys can see better. Like the eyeshadow, I was SO surpised by this quality and shine, I love this, and I love how different each shade is. I can’t wait to use.

Photofocus Concelear $3.99

Medium Peach

I honestly haven’t used this enough to give a good review, but from what i’ve used so far It’s good! It is a little more “makeup looking” than I like, but I use this under foundation so that doesn’t really matter. The coverage is medium but buildable. I have neutral skin so a lot of things work on me, but this had basically no color selection. There was only 3 choices to so I don’t appreciate that, but there isn’t a makeup smell so that’s good! And the little cruelty free sign is super cute and great advertising.

Overall, I would say Wet N Wild is HOT. I didn’t expect the products to be so great for the price and I think they have reformulated in the last few years! I try really hard to stick with cruelty free brands so please check them out! And check out other hot or nots, and a post about cruelty free makeup, below!

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      1. Can I ask how you found that blog and followed it? I’m trying to redirect everything so obviously something’s slipped past :p


      2. Did you find the actual blog via that tag or a blogpost? Because a blog post should have gone to my new blog which is why I’m confused!


  1. Wet n Wild just recently became available in UAE i was so excited to see it at the drugstore as i had heard so many great things about this brand! i will definitely be checking out those megalast lip colour, they look amazing!!

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      1. I have Wet N Wild in my local drugstores in EU not these particular ones but we have lipsticks, blushes, primers, foundations, mascaras and eyeshadow blocks 💕😍

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  2. We have them here in Ireland but a very limited selection, I get so jealous when reading & watching blogs & YouTube all the things we don’t have. 😟 I can never understand why it’s not the same availability everywhere.
    I have that gloss in rasp-berry voice and love it 😍

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