Helllllllllllo beauties! I’m a huge sucker for shopping and I’m always buying new things. Let’s jump right into a list of a few of my favorite things I’ve accumulated over the past couple of months! I hope you enjoy this 🙂  I’ll make an updated favorites’ every couple of months.


Calvin Klein Underwear Set

This set is not only super trendy, but it’s just as comfy! I got boyshort panties that are perfect for peeking out of the top of your pants, or just lounging around. These aren’t too good for working out at all, but perfect for being comfy and cute. I bought this off of Amazon so it was probably cheaper than in store, unless you find it on sale.


Steve Madden Taupe Thigh High boots

Steve Madden is easily my favorite shoe brand. Any shoe I have ever bought from them has been worn and beaten and they still look amazing. They last, they’re comfy, and they are so, so, so cute. I have been eyeballing these for months now, and I can’t believe I actually bought them. The incentive that drove me to this was honestly the fact that they were on sale and the last pair. I RARELY see Steve Madden’s on sale, so I knew this was god sent. Every pair of my shoes are black, so I’m excited to have these for going out and to switch it up.


Kylie Cosmetics: The Royal Peach Palette

If you have read my blog before, you know I’ve recently been OBSESSED with my new Royal Peach Palette. I wrote about it here and here if you would like to check those out. I go to this for almost every look now. I love the fun colors and this is perfect for transitioning to spring. I love using the peach color just on it’s own.


Mancala board game

I recommend all of you invest in a few good board games, I promise they will be worth it. They are great when you want to engage with people at your house and not be on electronics, and just laugh and have a good time. I recently started playing Mancala on my iPhone, so I just had to get it in real life. This is only a two-person game which limits it greatly, but it will still be good to occupy time between two people. I love Catan, the Game of Life, Clue, Taboo, and Cards against Humanity to name a few other board games that incorporate more people.


Victoria’s Secret fuzzy robe

I bought this on sale at the end of the last Christmas season, and I’m so happy I did. It’s super warm and cozy, perfect for throwing on in your house. I know I will use this forever so it was a good investment. Look for robes with big pockets, this is great for your phone.


Clipboard Folder

I picked this up at the dollar section of target and I love! It was $3 and it’s great for school or just keeping papers together. The clipboard is perfect for working on homework or art without it moving (aka working in bed). The super cuteness is a bonus. I hope this holds together!


Winter Candy Apple body spray

I bought this for 75% off at the end of the season like the robe and this is amazing. Winter Candy Apple is my favorite Bath and Body Works Christmas scent. I have the lotion as well and the scent just lasts and smells so strongly. I’m also not afraid to really use this because I know I can buy it for $3 next January 🙂



Salon Chair

This one is super random, but I thread eyebrows as my job, and I recently bought a salon chair to work from home! I love this. My customers that live close to me love it too and getting to keep all the money I make is awesome. I love my set up! I also got business cards and I can use this chair for myself and family forever. I’m excited!!

I hope you guys liked this! Let me know what some of your favorites are right now and check out my other posts below!

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5 Replies to “FUN NEW FAVORITES”

  1. Love that salon chair. For me I’v read it too late because a new chair for my desk is already ordered. It arrives mid of march (I hope) and I will post a photo if then in my blog 🙂
    I have to say your blog is awesome Rose even I had read not so much. I will review your 15 tips to increase blog traffic and see which one if this I havn’t already done. Keep your fantastic blogging, I love to follow it and thanks for following mine. *hugs*

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