My Hair Growing Hair Routine THAT WORKS  

You are so lucky you found this post…seriously! If you are like me and you’ve tried everything to your hair to make it grow, be frizz free, healthy, and just pretty, and nothing works, I have a solution for you that you likely haven’t heard! This changed my hair and I think it could change yours.

A little bit of background: for most of my childhood I had straight hair. One summer when I was 12 or 13, I kind of just stopped doing anything to my hair. I was taught to blow dry and then straighten my hair for so long (no one in my life has curly hair) but I guess this was the beginning of my “fuck it” days. I started to realize that my natural hair has some curl to it, and over time it got super curly out of no where! Now, I’m not complaining, because I love my hair, but having a layered bob for most of my childhood meant I was not ready for curly hair. So now on top of having to deal with all the horrible awkward things puberty and junior high bring, I had to deal with learning how to do something to my dry, frizzy, uneven, short hair. Curly hair was a whole new world to be, now here I am 8 years later and I FINALLY have it figured out after years of stalled growth and bad hair days. Before this, I could only wear my hair down one or two days after wash, then I would put it in a bun and it would be impossible to put down again. Now, I can wear it down whenever I want and even put it up and wear it down again, IT’S AMAZING.

Okay I know you’re waiting for me to tell you my hair secret but hold on just a little longer! I’m not going to give you any generic information you can read anywhere on the internet about how to grow your hair, generic stuff on the internet didn’t help me nearly as much as my new hair routine, but that stuff can always boost the process. I’m going to give you really good hair though I promise, my hair feels and looks like different hair now. I used to have the worst frizz ever! I have dreamed of having long hair for so long and I’m so happy to see my hair finally budding. It didn’t grow and felt like a broom until recently when I changed up my routine so I have to give credit where it is due. Are you ready for my big secret?….



Did you hear me in the back there? Let me repeat myself. ALCOHOL FREE HAIR PRODUCTS. I know you have heard about paraben and sulfate free products, but have you ever heard about alcohol? I have rarely seen posts about it but you guys, the FIRST TWO INGREDIENTS of 90-95% of the hair products on the market are water and alcohol. “But Rose, who cares, why does it matter?” Well internet friend, big companies love using cheap ingredients that get the job done but essentially make your hair/skin/nails worse in the end. I’ve talked about how I don’t wear deodorant because of the aluminum content or how chapsticks’ usually dry out your lips more so you feel like you need more product. Brainwash. But your body doesn’t need so much extra chemicals and toxins, even though the pretty lady in the ad is trying to make you think so. Alcohol free hair products are hard to find in most store, but beauty stores have them and you can find them online. Just keep an eye on ingredient lists, if you can understand them they’re good! They are a tab bit more expensive than products with alcohol (usually $10+), but I promise it will last and be worth it.

Now, curly hair and straight hair are completely different planets, mainly because natural oils travel easily down straighter hair while they can’t go anywhere but the scalp if your hair is curly (and if your hair doesn’t have natural texture, you use more heat on your hair). This means straighter hair people use more shampoo and curly girls use like 4x more conditioner than shampoo (especially cowashers). So my hair routine won’t work for everyone unless your hair is extremely dry or curly. Still, everyone should use alcohol free products.

Besides just switching to alcohol free products, I have been eating dark green salad (spinach and/or kale) with blue cheese that has an impressive amount of calcium almost everyday for a couple of months now. This provides a good amount of healthy vitamins known to aid in hair growth, like b vitamins. I also keep my ends snipped and split free.i have never dyed my hair and I use heat on it once in a blue moon so I recommend not doing that if you want to grow your hair. I cowash (wash with conditioner) my hair once a week and shampoo away residue build up once or twice a month using head and shoulders green apple. Shampoo is one thing I don’t mind if it’s not alcohol free because I don’t use it often and I protect my ends with conditioner while shampooing my scalp, but if you do use it often, get alcohol free shampoo as well! Before I shampoo my hair, I give myself a scalp massage with coconut oil and coat my hair in it. I leave it in overnight ideally (pillow or head covered), or at least 2 hours.

After washing and combing out or brushing in the shower (don’t do if hair is weak), I use these products in this order. I have no affiliation with this brand, I just enjoy their alcohol free products, which not all of them are so read the indigents! My hair seriously never grew for years until I recently started using this routine.



– I use this to co wash or generally condition and protect my ends before and after shampoo. I would have bought a bigger bottle of something else but this seems to be lasting longer than I thought and Shea Moisture was having a buy 2 get 1 free sale, so this was essentially free, and it has been working really good.


– I use this as a leave in conditioner which I don’t recommend for those with fine or oily hair. I’ve never actually used it as a deep conditioner, I just put a fair amount through the bottoms of my wet hair and it dries normal. My dry ends need all the help they can get.


– I LOVE this one! It’s a children’s product, which makes me trust it even more. I feel like it’s super safe for your hair unlike most detanglers or sprays on the market. I use this to keep my hair tangle free and give it extra moisture.


– This is a great curl cream from Shea Moisture. I used to use a Not Your Mother’s curl cream, but I think that one dried out my hair extremely over time. This one keeps things smooth and silky. I you have naturally textured hair, don’t scrunch the product into your hair, lay it on top of your hair to help aid in curling and keeping it frizz free. If I need to refresh my hair, I dampen it and use this and the detangling spray, and it makes a huge difference in redefining my hair.


-Cream before oil to make your curls coil! Ending with coconut oil just seals everything in and gives you extra shine, protection, and health.

I don’t put too much in my hair because product overload isn’t good, I think I put everything I need. I highly recommend trying all alcohol free products for a few months and seeing if it changes your hair, it definitely did for me. In the long run, this is much better and less drying on your hair and you’ll notice the difference!

June 2015
February 2016
Now, February 2017
Now. February 2017

After having uneven hair for years, I finally just chopped it off in 2015 and started with fresh new hair. It was hard to cut because, as I’ve stated before, my hair didn’t grow and I’ve always wanted long hair, but it was definitely necessary. I got a “deva cut” which is specific for curly hair, and it was $80 but totally worth it and I recommend all curly headed girls do this. Make sure to get your hair cut dry no matter what. My hair was finally even, cut for curly hair, and not dead. It’s slowly been growing since then, but since I changed my hair care routine a couple of months ago, I’ve noticed a dramatic difference in length. Again, I’ve also been eating a salad full of vitamins everyday.

Thank you guys so much for reading please tell me if you try this out! I’m so excited to see my hair goring and will likely do more hair posts as it grows!

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  1. I used to have very long hair but decided to have a good cut 6 years ago…never grew back. When it does it is super uneven.You can’t imagine how much it makes me feel depressed!!!I miss my hair so much and tried ANYTHING in this world but nothing.I will follow your advices,thnak you for sharing and finger crossed 🙂

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