Super Unique Ways to Reuse Old Candles/ Jars!  

Hi friends! I wanted to share a few things you can do with those old candle jars you have lying around! These are all super useable and I really love these tips. The best part is that these are all super customizable and you can get so creative with them. I got all these picture off of Pintrest, I haven’t had any time to do them all and take pictures. Hope you find this useful! So keep those candle containers and lids after your candle burns out, they could come in handy!



Books constantly falling down? Shelves oddly empty?  Use your old candle to make a bookend for your shelf! This is the best way to be creative. You can fill with rocks, fake flowers, sand, succulents, rhinestones, literally anything you want. Lidded or without a lid, this is a beautiful and useful decoration. You can find rocks, sand, fake flowers, anything you want to fill these with at the dollar store.

Tabletop Decorations


I looooove these for table tops or kitchens! Super simple and adorable. You can find cheap live succulents that are easy to care for and a great addition to any room! Or just make it easy and go the fake plant route.



These don’t even have to be Christmas! You can use mini animals and make an adorable zoo or do any theme! Craft stores have tons of mini things to inspire you! This is a great activity for kids and you can personalize it with anything. Just hot glue everything to the lid and then hot glue it shut!

360 Picture Frame


You can do an easy diy to transfer the picture onto the glass, or you can just print out the picture and curve it to fit on the inside of the jar. Of course if you did that, you cant light a candle, but it’s still a cute and easy 360 photo frame. Put two different picture to fill if necessary!

Super Glue Lace/Wood on the Outside and use with a Tea Light!


A great way to reuse candles are to make them cuter and use them! You can glue leaves, wood, lace, twine, ribbons, rhinestones, anything you want, to the outside and there you go! You can buy a bunch of tea lights at the dollar store!

Kitchen Containers


There are tons of ways to use old jars in the kitchen, these are just a few!




-Small Cookies

– Cupcake Foils/Small Bags

Makeup Storage

I made a whole post about this, so check it out if you are interested! Makeup Storage using old candles!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I post every Saturday and Wednesday so please check back if you enjoyed this! Let me know if you have any other ways to use jars and tell me if this was helpful! Sending you love. ❤

8 Replies to “Super Unique Ways to Reuse Old Candles/ Jars!  ”

  1. Another nice post “roseviewslife” , hey may I know your name please. I need to write whole “roseviewslife” again. 😉 😛
    One more idea to use these jar – by planting some small plants and keep it near Windows for sunlight and fresh air (y)
    I have done that before 🙂

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