EAT Easy & Cheap 1: Daily Salad 2 Ways

Hi guys! I’m so excited to be starting this cooking series on my page! So many people eat out multiple times a week or rarely cook at home and they blame it on not being able to cook or laziness, but there are no excuses! This makes me cringe, because it’s so bad for you to be eating all that fat filled food. With a little practice, everyone can find something they can cook and having to go out to buy expensive takeout is just as much work as whipping up something at home. I want to show you guys how easy it is to eat good and cheap at home to stay heathy and save money. These will be perfect for college students, moms, boys that need cheap easy food ideas, and anyone really! 

The secret to cooking is figuring out a few staple items, and then getting creative and putting them together in different ways. For example, if you can cook chicken and make a white alfredo sauce (which I will make a post on), you can make chicken alfredo with pasta, chicken with alfredo sauce and steamed veggies, an alfredo chicken pizza, an alfredo chicken sandwich/wrap, the possibilities are endless. So the more simple things you can cook, the easier it is to come up with ideas and put them together to make delicious meals! Meal planning is a very good way to save money and plan ahead, great for moms, people with 9-5 jobs, students, and anyone really. You can make a large amount of something, like fried rice, sandwiches/wraps, salad, eggrolls, etc., and then eat some for lunch all week!

For this post, I’m not really cooking anything. I’m just showing you guys the salad I eat daily, either for lunch or dinner. This helps me get all the vitamins I need which has inturn been showing healthy hair growth and skin benefits.  You can expect actually cooking or baking recipes from these posts, this time is just a little different.

This salad is a great way to stay healthy without breaking your budget. This is also a great meal replacer if you want to lose or maintain weight. I sometimes add berries and/or nuts or other ingredients, but this is always the main core of the salad. Any of the ingredients can be changed to fit your taste better!



Spinach/Kale-I looove dark green veggies. I buy these bigger tubs at wholesale stores because I eat them almost daily, so it saves me money over time! You can find spinach, kale, or a mix sometimes on sale in the smaller bags at grocery stores, just look for them!


Cherry Tomatoes- I love cherry or grape tomatoes for salads and cooking because you don’t have to cut them, just wash and eat. Cutting fruits and veggies actually makes them lose vitamins so this is great, plus they just taste awesome.


Blue Cheese- Most people in the world haaate blue cheese but I LOVE it. I love this salty little cheese. It adds such deliciousness to all my meals it touches. You can of course use mozarella, parmesan, cheddar, or any cheese that is suited to you!


Chicken- I dice up chicken into bite sizes and just add garlic powder, salt, parsely, and some pepper. I like to make a lot at once and use throughout the week.


Finished Salad- My salad dressing of choice is raspberry vinaigrette but sometimes I use and asian dressing or something else! This salad is surprisingly filling and a great meal replacer if you are trying to lose or maintain weight.


Chicken Salad Wrap- This is an awesome way to make this easier to take to work or school! Just wrap up all the ingredients into a tortilla and top with a little bit of sauce.


Wrap in saran wrap or foil and you are ready for your day!

I hope you guys liked this and check back for more easy and cheap recipes! I’m going to make lots of delicious meals so you’re going to want to check back 🙂 I post every Saturday and Wednesday so please check back if you enjoyed this! Thank you for reading! 

EAT Easy & Cheap 2: simple baked Chicken Alfredo + skinny version

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