My Current Makeup Collection ❤

Hello beauties! I want to share my ever growing makeup collection with you, and have this post to look back on later to see how much it’s grown! I definitely feel like I have too much makeup (I want to use up/give away some so I can get it down to the staples, but makeup is really pretty so I can’t stop buying ) and maybe I do to some of you or maybe I have nothing compared to some, but I’m not posting this to show off, I just love seeing other people’s stuff and I know other people do too! Don’t lie, you definitely have watched hours of vlogs on Youtube watching other people live or shows like MTV Crib’s where people just show off their stuff. So no judgement please, whether you think it’s too much or too little, it’s what works for me. But anyway,

Here is my current makeup collection! I’m not going to go through everything I own, but my most used product/products are in front of the others in the picture and I will briefly talk about those in the description! Hope you enjoy ❤


This is basically all my makeup and my makeup storage. If you want a full post about that, here you goMakeup Storage using old candles!




I’m not a person that owns many primers because I honestly don’t wear makeup too often, but having a good primer that doesn’t clog your pores is awesome because you can actually wear it without foundation on top to protect your skin from dirt. I use the Rimmel Stay Matte because it is cheap and works well.



I used to use the Makeup Forever HD foundation religiously, if Kim K, the most photographed women in the world, says it’s good, it’s good. It is actually really good in my experience, but liquid foundation clogs my skin now, so I use the Bare Minerals powder foundation most of the time. The Elizabeth Arden sponge on foundation is also awesome with a beauty blender. There are sooo many good foundations out there so find what works for you! I will do a post reviewing all the ones I have tried soon!



Just like foundation, there are thousands of great concealers. I’m honestly not too picky because I have pretty normal skin that works with just about anything, but I do have some ones that I like, like the Maybelline Age Rewind or the Rimmel Perfect Match one pictured. I’m currently using the Wet N Wild one because it was cheap and it works good. Concealer can be used as an eyeshadow primer which is what I do and under foundation to neutralize blemished and dark spots.



I honestly don’t reach for blush in my everyday makeup look, I only use it occasionally, which is why I really only have mini sample ones that I’ve gotten with other stuff. Maybe in the future I’ll gravitate towards blush more. 



As I said, I don’t really use blush, but I use bronzer all over my cheeks and cheekbones. Of course, I always do a light C shaped contour around my face to help sculpt and define my face unless I want to look natural. My go to bronzers are from Lorac, pictured is a quad that was available last summer that is amazing,  but these colors are available as singles too! The ELF bronzer is only $3 and it used to be my #1, it works really good!



It’s 2017, if you aren’t highlighting, what are you even doing? I feel like you can’t even do nice makeup without highlighter anymore. Luckily, there are a ton on the market at all prices and shades, so you can find one you love. I gravitate towards my Mac My Mimi highlighter because I love that golden bronzy look, and as a brown girl, it works nice on me. 



I love all eyeshadows, but I gravitate towards browns and neutrals, as you my be able to tell. That’s why the Kylie Royal Peach Palette is one of my faves, because it adds a ton of fun color to my usually basic, brown, smoky looks, and I’ve been reaching for it a lot. I love doing maroon and dark purple looks in the winter/fall and doing peachy and toasted brown looks in the spring/summer! The Lorac pocket pro 1 palette is also one of my favs because it has three amazing complimenting colors that I use endlessly. If you want to see each of my Colourpop eyeshadows swatched, you can check that out here! Makeup Hot or Not 1 : COLOURPOP and the Kylie Palette swatched here 7 Eye Looks using the Royal Peach Palette by Kylie Cosmetics!



When I use eyeliner, I use the Colourpop gel liner in Swerve with the $1 ELF eyeshadow brush. I don’t have many colored liners because I usually just use eyeshadow. So for a more daily look, I smudge brown eyeshadow under my eyes and at my top lash line. 



There are so many great mascaras, I’m also open to trying new ones. I really love the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara and the OG Maybelline Great Lash is always in my purse (which is why it looks like that). I try to get the mascaras for free as a sample or apart of a bundle. I got that Better than Sex from Sephora using 100 reward points, or you can buy the minis for half the price. 

Lip Products


This is definitely what I have most of because I wouldn’t be caught dead without something on my lips. I usually don’t wear full makeup, but I always have mascara and lipstick. Almost every single day, I reach for my Kylie Liquid Lipstick in Ginger. This is the second time I have purchased this and I truly really love it and think it’s unique. I have a neutral skin tone, so I’m always trying different lip products but mauves, browns, and dark purples are my all time favorites! I usually go for matte but occasionally I go glossy.

Prepping/Finishing Spray


Before and after I put my makeup on, I like to liberally spray my face with either Rosewater or Mac Fix +. I use Fix+ whenever I’m going to a concert, wedding, conference, or something of the sort where I want to look good the whole time because it’s makeup cement, while Rosewater is better for daily use or going to the amusement park/lake/etc. I bought the spray bottle once and then refill it with grocery store Rosewater which is about $3 or $4. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this! If you want to see my most used, holy grail products, check out this post: MUST HAVE MAKEUP. Make a post about your makeup collection and link it below if you do, I love seeing them! Thank you so much for reading 🙂

I post every Wednesday (sometimes Tuesday) and Saturday so please check back 🙂

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