SEX TALK 6: Safe Sex

Hellllllllo sexy readers. I was in the middle of writing a “Sex Talk” about orgasms which I know you will love and will be posted soon, when I realized I have made 6 of these posts now, and I have yet to talk about the importance of safe sex! I get caught up in writing stuff like I was writing like “orgasms” or “oral” where it’s all about the fun of sex, but the serious side is really important to talk about too. So before I put out another fun sex post, I had to put out this one.

I’m a huge advocate for safe, consensual, thought through, sex. I know, that doesn’t sound like the riveting, crazy, college sex experience you have always hoped and dreamed about, but having sex with the wrong person is honestly not even worth it. As a female, I understand how sometimes you just really need some dick and I bet guys get those urges even more often but 10 minutes of sex with some random nobody is pointless in the end. I am not judging or trying to dictate anyones life, please live how you choose, this is just my opinion! In my short 20 years of life so far however, I have personally experienced that sex is everything when there are feelings involved and it’s a hassle when there aren’t. Sex toys are so realistic these days you guys, boy or girl, you can find something that will probably make you feel 10x better than any one night stand. Again, life is full of stories and you have the freedom to choose how your stories go, so if having sex with lots of people is a part of your personality then own it.

What do I mean when I say “safe sex” you may ask? Well, I think your mind immediately goes to contraceptives and STD prevention but that’s not all safe sex is about. Consent and comfort are also defining characteristics of safe sex. Sex should be a de stressing activity so if you in anyway don’t feel okay, you should stop.

Contraceptives or birth control are extremely important in this equation. I cannot have sex with anyone if I’m not taking birth control pills because it’s just too nerve racking. I don’t want to deal with having to think I’m pregnant until I finally get my period, noooooo thank you. You can likely get birth control for free at your local free clinic, just do a quick google search! PLEASE be on contraceptives and make sure you know the persons medical background is clean before having sex without a condom. STD’s can ruin your ability to have babies, some of them never heal, and ANYONE could have one so please, please, please be safe. This is a good reason why you should know and talk to the person a lot before having sex.

Consent is not consent if it is not given sober. Guys and girls, please watch after your friends and make sure they don’t end up running off with someone nasty. It’s just a regret in the end or it could, god forbid, turn into something much worse.

Having a baby with the wrong person and/or at the wrong time is the easiest way to ruin your life plan. Being able to experience life and enjoy your significant other for years before having a baby is amazing. Also, being able to wait and plan having a child is so special. It’s a goal to get to that point in life financially where you feel like you’re in the place to have a baby and then actually making that decision makes getting pregnant so much sweeter. Not just having a baby, but even just having sex with the wrong person could knock you off your course. In my opinion, your body is sacred and you should only allow the most exclusive people in. When you finally meet that person you want to settle down with, wouldn’t it be nice to know they are one in a handful of people you have been with versus the 26th person you’ve been with? Again, everyone is different and your opinion here may differ, but this is just how I feel. A lot of sex is good. A lot of different people may not be.

Even if you disagree with me on not having sex with too many random people, I hope you agree that safe sex should be the only kind of sex, and people should learn about this everywhere. More people need to talk about how much more amazing it is to wait and have sex with the right person, young people may not listen but they will experience it and realize hopefully sooner rather than later.

I hope you enjoyed this Sex Talk! Please check out my other ones and look out for my next one coming soon! I post every Tuesday and Saturday so please check back if you enjoyed ❤


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