Hello you kinky mother fuckers. What’s up? Welcome back to another installment of my “Sex Talks”. As you may know, my goal here is to normalize having sex and give you a place to take your questions, or just learn something about the subject. It’s such an everyday thing and I think it’s not talked about enough. Today we are going to talk about orgasms!

Orgasms are crazy. They are the reason babies are made and ironically they are the reason sex is addicting. It’s remarkable to me how many things the human body can do, from digesting, to giving birth, to having orgasms. Our bodies are pre programmed to help us live life. Orgasms are enjoyed by men and women alike. Who doesn’t want an orgasm? The easiest way to unwind quickly and make your day great is by having sex or masturbating which ultimately leads to an orgasm. So, let’s break it down by sexuality


When you’re a lady, orgasms can typically be reached by receiving oral, touch, being penetrated, or masturbating. Some women can climax to nipple or anal stimulation, but this is uncommon. I have experienced sleep orgasms or dream induced orgasms, that happen randomly while I sleep, so that happens! it’s more common for boys to have “wet dreams” but it definitely happens for girls too. A problem a lot of women seem to have is not orgasming during sex, but I may be able to help. Whatever your preconceived notion is of sex, I recommend going into it with as little expectation as possible. Don’t have sex for an orgasm, do it because of the intimacy factor with the other person. BUT, if you are in a stable relationship with that person and they can’t seem to get you off, you need to talk to them and get it figured out. DO NOT FAKE IT. Faking it is a terrible idea cause then you just have to keep doing it. If they care enough to want you to orgasm, which they should if they are a good partner, all you have to do is tell them what you like. Talk them through what they could do to make it better for you, maybe change pace or position, just test different things and figure out what works for you. Nobody will be mad about practicing sex and if they really love you, they will be happy to do whatever makes you happy. If in the end, you still can’t orgasm, don’t feel bad! Everybody is different and some women really struggle with this. You just have to relax, let go, and figure out what you want by experimenting with masturbation. When ladies orgasm, it’s different from guys because while guys’ semen usually spews out, ladies usually just release clear, gooey, discharge. I say usually because some girls actually can squirt, it’s not a myth!


I have met boys that can never climax to getting head, I have also met boys that can come to a hand job. Every boy is different. For the most part, having penetrative sex will make a boy orgasm, understandably. Your penis is literally pushing through this tight, warm, wet, area, that sounds like penis heaven. For me personally, I think of oral as the best part of sex for me and then the penetration part for the boy. I mean, I still like every part of sex, and I knooooooooow that boys would do anything to get head, but that’s just how I think of it. Boys are thought to masturbate and crave sex more than girls, but I believe every individual is different and some females want a lot of sex. Orgasm help people stay level headed and less frustrated, so maybe men in general are just more frustrated than women. Or maybe it just feels that amazing. A lot of boys remember the first time they orgasmed, either because of a wet dream or due to the discovery of feeling themselves up. Just like girls, boys have to figure out what feels good to them to really get good at sex and have good orgasms. Like I mentioned before, boys ejaculate their semen. This happens because their sperms need to shoot into a woman’s uterus looking for eggs.

Everybody has sex and should experience orgasms. I remember being younger, not knowing anything, and having no one to ask about sex and I love talking about it today so that is why I write these. I hope you enjoyed! Please check out my other posts below and leave me a comment! Let me know if there is something you would like to see me write about! I post every Tuesday and Saturday so please check back if you enjoyed.

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6 Replies to “SEX TALK 7: ORGASMS”

  1. Nice post. I can relate to the sometimes hard to orgasm from head. It can vary. It can be freaking amazing. Technique has a lot to do with it. Sometimes patience is the key too, even for the recipient.

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