Guest Blog 1- Benefit: What Would I Repurchase?

HI all,

I’m Charliestar! You’ve probably not heard of me before – I’m new around here… I started my blog this January and I’m already addicted. I would describe myself and a lifestyle and beauty blogger, but the range of my posts definitely isn’t defined by these two words. So take some time to read my stuff I’ve reviewed a range of bath, body and beauty products to share my opinions with you. I’ve even teamed up with the small brand HushedUK to bring some exciting and innovating products to my blog. Makeup and body products not for you? Don’t worry there’s plenty of lifestyle blogs about my long distance relationship, school life, updates about me and cringey work stories for you to have a nose at. Go check out my page and see what you think!

Anyways it’s such an honour for me to be writing on Roseviewslife blog so let’s just get onto my post…

I’m fairly new to the Benefit cosmetics brands. I’ve used only 6 of their products but I thought it’d be fun to share with you which ones I most enjoyed and will be repurchasing and which ones I didn’t fall in love with. Between Christmas and my birthday in Febuary I have been gifted several benefit products. For Christmas I received 4 minis: That Gal Primer, Triple Preforming Face Emulsion, High beam liquid Highlight and The Pore Fessional. Then for my birthday I received full sized Roller Lash mascara (Black) and The Rockateur Blush. I’ve had a little while to play around with these products and am ready to give my verdict.

‘That Gal’ Face Primer:

This pinkey toned primer is one of my favourites I’ve used. It brightens my skin, smooths my complexion and gives me a healthy glow under my foundation which I love. It’s not a matte finish but it’s not 100% glossy either I would put this under the Satin finish category. Benefit say this product makes your face smooth but I think this gives a tackier effect which works well as it gives makeup something to cling on to when it’s being applied. It works well on my fairly light skin toned and I would be curious to how this looks on skin shades with different tones in them. Benefit sell this product for £24.50. The real question here is would I go out and spend my money on this product again. Honestly, probably not. Not because I don’t like this product. I just don’t love primers. I don’t use a primer every time I do my makeup because I tend to only wear my makeup for a maximum of 6 hours. I’d prefer to spend my money on a product I can actually see on my face.

The Pore Fessional:

I was actually confused on what this product was supposed to do when I first started using it. I don’t think I have massive pores but I do get a few that are visible under my eyes so I have been using the Pore Fessional to smooth out my complexion in this particular area. I put it on under my foundation to help reduce the amount of oil on my face and make my skin look smoother. The worst part is I’m not sure this particularly helps. Its translucent so it works on any skin tone which is great but to me it just doesn’t live up to the hype that surrounds this product. Like did I miss something? Am I using it wrong? I really wanted to love this product but I just don’t. This is sold for £26.00 and unfortunately I wouldn’t repurchase this anytime soon. On the other hand, I am going to continue to use it, keep testing it and hopefully I’ll eventually love this product.

Roller Lash Black Mascara:

I know this is one of the cult classics in the beauty world and just like the basic human I am I too love this product. Surprise surprise… Everything about this product I am in love with. I can’t go a day without wearing it. I make my lashes look bolder, longer and full. The brush just works so well and the curve in it really helps to push the lashes up and give them that extra length and volume. £20.50 might seem a little pricey for a mascara but honestly the money is so worth it. If it’s out of your price zone I defiantly recommend saving up and splashing the cash on this mascara as it is truly beautiful! I won’t ramble on any more about this product just go buy it and tell me how much you love it.

If you want to read the rest of my reviews on these Benefit products then head over to my blog!

Thanks again to Roseviewslife for letting me appear on her blog!

Charliestar xoxo

Rose’s note: I love her blog page and definitely think you guys should check her out and follow her! Thank you charliestar for writing for my page! If you guys want to write for me, check out I want you to write for me 🙂

Part two of this post! 

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