Get Ready with Me: Party Look!

Hi guys! I’m so excited to write this post today. I want to show you how I got ready to go out the other night! Please excuse my makeup-less face, young adult acne is hitting me hard right now. This is definitely heavier than I would do my daily makeup, but it’s meant to last! I hope you enjoy!


I start with a clean, bare face.


The first step is putting on a primer. I used the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer. Then I used concealer on my spots, Wet n Wild Photo Ready Concealer. After that, I even out my whole face with the Bare Minerals Original Powder Foundation and top everything with the Rimmel Stay Matter Powder.



The next step is the most appearance changing, the eyes. I used a gold base, specifically Colourpop Kathleenlights, then I used Kylie Cosmetics Peachy in the middle, and Lorac Espresso in the crease. I have talked about all of these before and will have links for you to see them if you like at the end. I also smudged all 3 colors under my eyes. After eyeshadow, I lined my eyes using Colourpop Gel Liner Swerve. I did a short, thick, dramatic line. Lastly and most important are the lashes I always try to make my lashes look as fake as possible and the Benefit Lash Domination really does that well for me.


After the eyes, I do the important finishing parts. I contour my face using a Lorac Bronzer, highlight with my golden highlight MAC My Mimi, and apply my favorite lipstick, Kylie Cosmetic Ginger. I don’t really use blush because I don’t feel like it’s necessary since I’m always going for a golden bronzed look. Of course, when I’m all done I have to go in with my Mac Fix + to make sure everything stays put all night!


This is the outfit I wore. Fishnets: Forever 21 $8.99

Olive Light Jacket: Forever 21 $32.99

Beige Shirt w/ Camo Pocket: H & M mens $14.99

Beige Thigh High Boots: Steve Madden $99.99 


This was how my makeup held up after about 5-6 hours of wear! My skin is definitely not perfectly even, but my eyes held through pretty well!

I really hope you guys liked this post! Thank you so so much for reading ❤ If you’re interested in knowing more about anything I used here, I have talked about pretty much all of these products and I will link those posts below! I post every Tuesday and Saturday so please check back if you enjoyed 🙂


Makeup Hot or Not 1 : COLOURPOP

Makeup Hot or Not 2: KYLIE COSMETICS

Makeup Hot or Not 3: WET N WILD

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