SPRING CLEANING- Room Makeover 1

Hi guys! Today, I looked around my room and realized that literally 95% of the stuff in it was SHIT. Like stuff I never ever use. When you’re younger, you want to show off all your stuff and put out all you have but as you grow up your style changes and simplicity seems to be more common. My generation seems to love minimalistic decor and lifestyle and I definitely think having less to look at is better as well. Recently, I’ve decided I want to change up my room a little bit to update it. This is going to be an extra lengthy process because I am going on a month long vacation and will start repainting and moving furniture around when I get back. Admittedly, I’m kind of a hoarder and as I mentioned, I have a lot of shit to get rid of. I’m going to go with a blush pink, grey, and black/white color scheme with gold accents so I can start buying pillows, blankets, organizing things, and decorations.

I started the process today by cleaning out my clothes, start cleaning out my closet, getting rid of or putting away all thimbles/ little decorations/unnecessary things, and getting a few surfaces organized! For clothes I recommend sorting them into 5 piles. Keep, Wash, Put Away, Give Away, Throw Away. Cleaning out your closet is so important for minimizing and updating it to only what you wear. I recommend large bins w/ lids for storing seasonal clothing. For more on organizing check out cheap organization tips for makeup/clothes/desk. I haven’t seen my closet floor in years so its a goal to get that cleaned out and I’m halfway there! I just felt so cramped up by having a houseful of stuff in one room for one little person and I had to spring clean it out immediately. The biggest game changer for my room so far was removing the hutch off my desk. For those that don’t know, a hutch is a shelf connection on top of your desk that’s good for kids and pointless when you’re older. I wish I took this off years ago because I love not having it so much, I’ll keep my room changing process updated on here, this is just the beginning! I can’t wait to finish it over the summer. Here are some before and after pictures!


Dumping out your clothes forces you to organize it! I got rid of half of this!


I got this from the dollar store to help organize, but I’m looking for a decorative box. This will work for now!

I love these from the dollar store! I use one for hair products and one for deodorant/ body spray/ face products. Way better than having it everywhere!

I still have a far way to go but I’m excited! I’ll keep you guys updated, hopefully I inspired you to do some spring cleaning! I post every Tuesday and Saturday so please come back if you enjoyed! 

4 Replies to “SPRING CLEANING- Room Makeover 1”

    1. Yay!! I’m so happy I inspired you thanks for reading ❤️❤️❤️ it’s crazy to realize how much useless stuff we have! I’m going to try to stay away from accumulating a bunch of pointless junk from now on!

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