SEX TALK 8: Body Confidence

I’ve touched on this subject briefly in  SEX TALK 2: DICK SIZE  but I wanted to make a full post about the importance of being confident about your body, especially during sex. No matter who you are, you need to own your body and look! If you feel like you’re unhealthy and uncomfortable in your skin, change your lifestyle and get fit! Don’t make any excuses and don’t do weird diets but eat smaller, more nutrient rich portions and make positive changes in your life and I promise you can get in shape! But that isn’t the point of this post, the point of this is to remind you to love yourself!

It’s easy to compare a part of your body to someone else’s and wish you had what they had, but whats the point? You might hate your big thighs but someone out there with skinny legs dreams of a more curvy figure, you might hate your curly hair but someone out there with pin straight hair wishes they had your fro, no matter what you dislike about yourself, there is someone out there who would love to have it, so you might as well rock it! You are born with a natural beauty and uniqueness and everybody has a different idea of physical perfection.

If you’re about to have sex with someone, I strongly believe that you should have a powerful desire to get with that person and it shouldn’t just be something random. Your body is a sacred temple, do you really want to let just anyone in? If you are getting with the right person that has fallen for you to some extent, there won’t be any reason to be uncomfortable with them. They will think that you’re beautiful and shallow things like body image won’t stand in the way. If someone doesn’t want to have sex with you because you’re “too skinny” or “too big” or “too hairy” or whatever, FORGET THEM they aren’t the right person! In that moment, you should both be thinking about how excited you are to be with each other and how sexy the other person is, if you’re really worried about their body then you just aren’t comfortable yourself. It’s all about owning what you have and working it! 

Confidence is sexy. Being sure about yourself without being cocky is attractive. Don’t hate on yourself 24/7 because that won’t change anything. If you truly dislike something about yourself, change it! Exercise, plastic surgery, material changes, their are tons of ways to change your physical appearance and I encourage it if you aren’t happy! I’m definitely smaller than most people in the U.S., but I still feel fat sometimes and my mom will tell me that I’m getting too big here and there but I’ve learned that it’s important to love yourself and be positive, and your life will yield positive results! I embrace my fluffiness instead of looking in the mirror and wishing I was skinnier because I know I’m beautiful and someone out there wishes they had my body.

How exactly do you start loving your body if you’ve been hating on yourself for a while? Well, I think it start with clothes. If you feel sexy and good in whatever clothes you’re wearing, it’ll make you love yourself 10 times more! So if you’re about to have sex, wear some really nice lingerie 🙂 If you want to change your body, make the changes to eat better and exercise more, stick with it, and give yourself time. Time is key to loving yourself. It won’t happen over night! Don’t focus on what you hate about yourself, point out your favorite things about you and focus on them! Don’t give up on yourself either, just remind yourself that you are blessed to have a healthy functioning body and don’t ever worry about what some else might think!! Everybody is beautiful because of the fact that we are all different so no matter what size ass you have or what your genes gave you, LOVE YOURSELF and other people will as well! I promise you, you are sexy as hell 🙂

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5 Replies to “SEX TALK 8: Body Confidence”

  1. for me, I think beautiful and shapely boobs are what makes women far more beautiful and enhances their body confidence to the best…….and it’s very natural that men loves boobs…….nice post once again Rose….:)


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