13 Reasons Why- Netflix & Selena Gomez (no spoilers!)

Hi guys! So everybody and their grandmas have been talking about the new Netflix show 13 Reasons Why. People either love it or think it glamorizes suicide, but I promise I won’t give you any spoilers in this post, I just want to chime in with my opinion!

I heard about this show the same way you probably did, if you did, it was alllll over social media. I heard mostly good things but there were some negative things said here and there, so I knew I had to check it out for myself. I started watching it with my mom and immediately knew it was going to be heavy. My favorite shows include South Park, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and other trash TV shows, so heavier shows like 13rw are out of my comfort zone. Either way, Netflix makes AMAAAAZING shows, I’m so so so impressed by their show making ability, so I knew it would be good. 

The show is based on a book series and it’s about the suicide of a girl named Hannah Baker and her journey to making the decision to end her life. I love the mystery of the show. Each episode ending had me anticipating the next one. However the problem I had with the show was the same as anyone that had a problem with it, and that is that it was generally unrealistic. Hannah goes through a serious of terrible events over the course of less than a year that are definitely things that happen and need to be spoken about, but it isn’t 100% realistic. I’m not hating on the show, I’m just saying that it is over dramatized but that is probably just for entertainment. The show seemed to paint every young person as this attention needing, socially dependent person that is so weak to everything society thinks about them which just isn’t true.

The good thing about this show is that it’s making people speak about very real issues that are happening in peoples lives, not everyone, but definitely people around us. Whether it be issues at home, with relationships, getting abused physically or mentally, there is so much people go through every single day that you don’t see. A really important message to me personally that the show put out is how much simply befriending someone and being nice and real to them can change their whole life. All the people involved in Hannah’s death wish they could go back and undo whatever they did. In the moment, words may seem so insignificant, but you can seriously damage someone for life if you aren’t careful about how you treat them. Also, don’t wait until it’s too late to say something. The whole season, I wished I could tell Hannah to not kill herself because things would get better after she grew for a few years and healed, but I knew her fate 😥 Some of the scenes were too graphic for me and I recommend looking away if you need to, but I know a lot of people can handle it.

I didn’t even know until the very last episode that Selena Gomez produced and developed this series and I loved that. The psychic twins predicted her success with producing a long time ago, btw, just saying.

Have you guys seen the show? What do you think? Will they come back with another season? Let me know! I hope you enjoyed this! Please check back if you did 🙂

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