Bedroom Lighting- Room Makeover 2

Hi guys! I’m redoing my room little by little and I just got new night lights I’m loving! I’ve wanted to get rid of my bedside table lamp for some time now because it takes up so much space. I can use the space for my laptop at the end of the night now which is great! The more stuff we can get off the surfaces, the better! I picked these lights up at Sam’s Club for $20 and they come with a remote, change colors, get dimmer, and have a timer for automatic turn off (great for people scared of the dark) ! I loooove this new lighting, now to redo the rest of the room! The best part is you can stick these anywhere and they are ready to go! They would look great in a kitchen or bathroom! Hope you liked this mini post!

SPRING CLEANING- Room Makeover 1


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