Hi guyyyyyyyyyys!!! I’m so excited!! I feel like I haven’t sat down to properly blog in forever! I’m so happy it’s finally summer and I can spend my time doing what i want instead of wanting to die because of school! I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on my life and let you know what I have planned for this blog! 

I’m taking a trip to Iran at the end of the month for 40 days and I can not wait. Leading up to leaving, I’m planning on posting a haul, a “what’s in my carry on”, a “guide to traveling to Iran” and a “what to pack for a month+ trip”. I’m going to video blog my journey actually traveling there because it’s a two day trip and it’s tough to get through, but I think it will be fun to document. In Iran, I’m going to be posting pictures of the country, my food, an apartment tour, and just generally my feelings and experiences. I’m also taking a trip to Dubai while I’m on that side of the world, and that’ll be reaaaaally cool to post about/ make videos in. My family has an apartment there so I visit every couple of years and since it’s such an extended period, it’s never really a “vacation”, I just move my life over there if that makes sense. It’s really nice seeing family I rarely get to see and changing settings for a while. My favorite thing to do and what I’m looking forward to the most is sitting in my apartment and ordering food to come to me 🙂 Sometimes we take trips to different cities, so it’s like a vacation within a vacation, and I can’t wait to share the beautiful country of Iran with you guys. I promise you’ll love it so make sure you’re following!

I also have posted a few videos on Youtube including a video about my acne struggle that I will post on here for you guys over the next few days, so I’ll be posting everyday for a while! If you want to follow me on Instagram to see any pictures I may post there, feel free to! Also, subscribe to my Youtube channel to be updated with any videos I post before I get a chance to post them here!

Thank you guys so much for reading and I hope you stick around because it’s about to be a fun summer!! 




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