Hi guys! I’m thrilled to finally be posting this! Here is all that is in my carry on for traveling to Iran and Dubai! The trip getting there broken down will be

3 hours in the OKC airport

2 hour flight to Dallas

6 hours in Dallas airport * I know I say 4 in the video but my first flight was pushed easlier :’)

12 hour flight to a Istanbul

4 hours in Istanbul airport

4 hour flight to Shiraz

So as you can tell, it’s definitely not light and quick traveling. It’s going to be tough but I have been able to contain everything I will need into one small backpack! Please watch the video to see what I have packed! Also subscribe to my YouTube channel to see videos I post way before I post them here! 

Stuff I Need: 4:57
Food: 11:01
Entertainment: 12:31

*Watch in HD*

I hope you guys enjoyed and I hope to see you for more posts soon about my trip! I have a “what’s in my checked bag” video, a vlog of me actually traveling there, and much more coming soon!



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  1. diwakarjangir says:

    Really nice to see how a cute girl describes all the travel tricks with excitement !!! :p 🙂 Travel hard and keep posting your experience. HAVE FUN 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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