WHAT TO PACK FOR 1+ MONTH TRIP (1 bag under 50 lbs)

Hi guys! As you probably know, I’m going on a trip soon. Here is what I packed for 40 days of travel. I was able to fit everything in one bag, under 50 lbs, which is difficult! I hope this video can help anyone in a similar situation. Love you guys, see you soon with posts and pictures about Dubai and Iran!


I forgot to mention the luggage tag I got! These are really helpful for spotting your luggage when you’re tired and just want to get out of the airport. This one is super cute and cant miss! You can get these off of amazon, I got this one at Forever 21.

Remember you can buy a lot of toiletries and food from the country you’re visiting! Good advice if you are limited on space.

*Watch in HD*

If you want to skip the intro, video starts at 3:08


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