LAST DAY IN THE USA FOR A WHILE • Vlog & Get Ready With Me ❤️

Hi beautiful bloggers!! 

I’m finally in Iran! It was hell getting here, but I vlogged my travels and will post that very soon! We just finished our first full day here and I’m beyond excited to take pictures and post. We have tons of fun stuff planned including hiking, going to Dubai, going to all the sightseeing places around Shiraz, and the bazaar and I’m beyond excited to document it all and share it with you. I also plan to do an apartment tour and an Islamic lookbook since we have to stayed covered here, but we’re free to be cute!! I hope you enjoy this beautiful piece of the world as much as I do. ❤

This vlog is of my last day before I left which was super busy and productive! Enjoy this and come back for much more soon! Please please please subscribe to my YouTube channel to see videos I post way before I get a chance to post them here! 

Thank you so much for reading I hope to see you again soon 🙂 

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