Dubai. A city like no other. 

Hi blog! I got the once in a lifetime chance to spend a full week in the incredible city of Dubai. This city is truly unlike any other city in the world. I’m a frequent travel, and cities like Rome, Paris, Assisi, Istanbul, and more have a certain classic charm and are amazing in their own way, but when it comes to a modern city, New York City, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas don’t even compare to Dubai. They have advanced so much in the past few decades, and continue to build and add. They built a huge island for gods sake. 

I highly recommend everyone visit this city once in their life, especially in the winter because the summer is too hot to do anything outside (which is when I went). However, the cost of a trip there is quite high. I’m lucky enough to have close friends there whom we stayed with, that helped us with transportation too. If we had to pay for a hotel, every meal, and taxis, we definitely couldn’tve stayed for a week. If you save up for a while, take the subway, and book a hotel way in advance, it’s still doable. It’s so beautiful and advanced and I loved it. The only problem was the piercing heat. Life for most of the locals is also different from anywhere in the world. Almost every family has a servant or servants and most young people don’t even know how to wash their own clothes. Not the life for me, but it was nice coming home to full tables of lunch and dinner for a week. The locals are also very Islamic for the most part which I love because it shows that Islam is a choice, something many ignorant people don’t think. 

Here are pictures from my trip with descriptions of the places I went if you’re interested! Also I posted a video about my week there so check that out as well! A WEEK IN DUBAI

Our first night there we took a trip to the famous Dubai fountains and mall! Their are tons of malls there but the Dubai mall is one of the prettiest because of the surroundings and aquarium etc. You can check out a video of the fountains here.

On my second day, I went to one of our friends, friends apartment to swim on the roof. The pool and view were incredible. 

On the third day, and one of my personal favorites, we went up the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world. It’s half a mile tall! I could even see it from the airplane. Just me and my mom went, and we bought tickets online and went during Ramadan, which is an off time, so we were able to save money. I think it came out to about $75 each. After going up, we went to the Dubai mall again because it’s attached to the burj, and saw new places we didn’t see the first day. Then around 1:30 am, we went to the beach because it was way too hot to go in the daytime. 

On the fourth day, we went to Madinat Jumerah which is a famous place for shopping and restaurants. It was so beautiful and all we wanted to do was take pictures. Afterwards, we went to the hotel Atlantis to look at the aquariums and the island the hotel is on was built by Dubai which is pretty scary yet amazing. 

Another one of my personal favorite days was the sixth one. First we went to this cafe that was basically a giant freezer with ice sculptures everywhere. We got hot chocolate and it was really nice. Afterwards, I found this pool online for night swimming and the tickets were cheap and it came with 3 drinks. The pool overlooked the ocean and we could see yatchs and the hotel Atlantis on one side and the beautiful city on the other. None of our friends had been there and they all  really enjoyed it. It was the hotel le meridian if you’re interested! 

On our last day, we went to Ibn Battuta mall which has courts representing different countries throughout. There’s a persian court, an Indian court, an Eygpt court, and more. It was gorgeous and I ate some incredible cheese fries there that I’ll never forget. 

Thank you so so much for reading! Please follow and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more posts about Iran and fun stuff in general soon! Love you ❤️

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  1. I’m glad you had so much fun! Dubai is the first place me and my boyfriend want to go out of the US! Thank you for sharing your trip and tips so I know what to expect! Best wishes to ya!

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