Hi blog ❤ Super excited to write this post today. It’s going to be all about what I ate while I was in Iran for 40 days. I didn’t remember to take pictures of everything I ate, but I did take quite of few here and there, and I want to share them with you. Here are some if the things I ate with descriptions. This could give you an idea of what you could eat if you visited there. I hope you enjoy!

The plate on top is a kabob/chicken mix with rice and grilled tomato. The bottom is tasty goat kabob with yogurt, grilled tomato, and naan.

Saffron chicken stew with rice garnished with dried berries and grilled onions. The dish on the right is a 7 layer casserole with meat, vegetables, and cheese.

A twisty ice cream cone from a place right next to my house. Iranian ice cream taste sooooo much better than the U.S.

“Mexican” corn from the streets of Shiraz. Basically corn w/ cheese, mayo, lime juice, mushroom, olives, and more. Tastes better than it sounds I promise.

Classic kubideh kabob with grilled tomatoes, rice, and tadik which is hardened rice from the bottom of the pot.

Homemade fried chicken and fries.

Chinese style noodles and chicken with Arabian soup.

The best burgers and fries I’ve ever tasted.

My daily salad Iranian style! I used spinach, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, and grilled chicken with an Italian dressing I found there.

Beef Stroganoff from a restaurant in Shiraz.

One of my favorite vegetables is eggplant and I was in love with this eggplant and kashk porridge it was so so good. I ate it with naan.

The middle is sour cherry rice with chicken and the sides are rice and chicken cooked into cake form with plain yogurt holding it together. The one on the right is more cooked than the left.

Super delicious pizza from an Italian style restaurant. I love pizzas in Iran they are truly good.

An assortment of different rice dishes, and my salad lol.

A lunch my lovely cousin made for me one day. Fried fish with rice and homemade fries. We also had Shirazi salad and sabzi.

I was really craving steak at one point and I found the perfect one. This was a medium well ribeye steak with creamy mushroom sauce, on top of delicious fettuccine alfredo with roasted potatoes. Oh my god I want it now.

This was at the same restaurant, one was a regular salad and one was a chicken salad, both were really really good.

This was at a coffee house. I got “Texas” cheese fries with bacon, which wasn’t pig because they don’t eat pig in Islamic countries, but it tasted like pig for sure. The drink was an apple pie machiatto which was surprisingly good.

Along with the ice cream tasting better, so do the milkshakes. The left one was a “luxury” milkshake with Kit Kat, Snickers, and a bunch of other chocolates in it. It was literally filled. The middle one (mine), was just nutella, simple and delicious, but still very filled with nutella. The pink one was a strawberry with different chocolates in it. I wish one of those was here.

Thank you so so much for reading! Please stick around because I have more Iran posts, a skin update, a room redecorating series, and so much more coming you won’t want to miss! Check out my other posts if you’re interested and follow me everywhere ❤


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