Acne Update 2: HORMONES

Hi blog! I’m back with another acne update. The last time I made one of these was a couple of months ago and my regime has changed significantly. I was taking an antibiotic called Solodyn, but honestly nothing improved. When I went to Iran, I did a complete check up with a blood test, sonography, urine test, etc, and I found out my hormones were messed up. I expected this, because a lot of the girls in my family have the same problem and I have unnatural amounts of hair. My doctor in Iran put my on FIVE different pills, which sucks for me because I absolutely hate resorting to pills. For 20 days I took strong antibiotics 3x a day to kill all the pimples in my face, along with two different hormones, Diane and Finasteride, a Vitamin D pill once a month, and Roaccutane (similar to accutane) once every few days. THAT IS A LOT FOR MY BODY TO HANDLE. I have to be very careful to eat food to revive everything these pills are killing but my skin looks have really improved in the past month. As for products, I try not to use a lot on my skin just in case what I use isnt good for it. I just wash my face with a facewash I trust and still use Ziana gel. I have added the Murad scar lightning gel to my rountine and I think it’s doing wonders.

I’m writing this so you will be aware that if you have a problem that hasn’t been solved no matter what you’ve tried, consider getting your hormones checked. It’s more expensive in the U.S., which is why I did it in Iran, but if you’re constantly moody, excessively hairy, have severe acne, or depression, it could very easily be your hormones. I go into more detail about my process in the video so please watch! I will keep you updated on my skin 🙂



As you can tell, my skin has improve a whole lot. I still have significant scarring, damaged pores, and two pimples that popped up because of my period but I have hope that my skin will only improve and my pores are shallow enough that when my skin naturally rejuvenates, it’ll help.

Thank you so much for reading!! Please have a look at my other post and check out my first skin update! My ACNE Struggle: Solodyn & Ziana Update 1


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