Guest Post 4- Top 5 Reasons Why Dating as a Digital Nomad is Complicated          

Meeting a digital nomad is hard enough, let alone dating one. And when you do find yourself in a relationship with one, you’ll know why dating a digital nomad can be complicated. Old school nomads are those seasonal workers or those who live the trucker lifestyle and enjoy the transient nature of their work. Well in the technical and digital area nomad no longer means being physically on the road, but now being is no one place, except online.

So what is a digital nomad? It’s someone who makes the living online and is not bound to physical place or office like many people working more traditional jobs.  They can work from anywhere in the world since their office space is online and they use instant messaging applications to communicate with co-workers and employers, and digital desk spaces as their work space. Work hours can be anytime really, since they can have clients or employers from anywhere in the world. And this type of work-life balance allows them the freedom to move and work from anywhere, that it’s a new breed of person who can lead a sustainable nomadic lifestyle.

If you find yourself attracted to a digital nomad or are dating one then you’ll find the items in our list very familiar, though worth the effort, there are a few complications when trying to make a relationship with them work.

#1 Their schedule is all over the place and so are they

It’s hard to say when a nomad might be able to meet you for dinner or a date. It’s not like they are off at 5pm and you’re sure you can meet at 7pm. You’ll have to be more flexible if you want to meet up and have a good time with a nomad, since a meeting online can come up at anytime, even on the weekend or they might have an urgent job they accepted last minute which will go late into the night. Whatever the case, be open for them to contact you when they’re free otherwise you’ll never meet up.

#2 They’re available online but maybe `- not emotionally available

You might be able to reach them on Skype or Whatsapp and have a nice chat, but really if they’re online they are probably working and multitasking 100 things. Don’t expect to have their full attention online, since that’s their workshop or office space. So, save emotional or important conversations for face-to-face meetings.

#3 They’re often distracted and never signed out

Even when you are together, they are not checking their phone constantly because they need to change their status or post on Facebook. They probably are getting work related emails and messages all the time – since the online world never rests and online freelancers can get work at anytime. Nomads are basically never signed out which makes sharing their time feel difficult.

#4 Nomads can be loners

Nomads love working online because usually they are not the overtly social office types who want to chat by the water cooler. They work very alone or independently and like to internalize more than the average person. Drawing someone like that out to be more social or be excited to be in a larger social group is tougher, so start with small steps drawing them out of their caves.

#5 The live a spontaneous lifestyle

They have no set schedule. If they want to take off to Paris and work from there for a few weeks – they can. If They want to work from the beach, they can. They might not want to take anyone with them because technically they are working, and it’s almost like a business trip, but just seem more fun. So, one day your date might be in town, and then you’ll have to wait for them to come back to have another date. The not knowing can be killer if you’re not relaxed and patient. But that is what nomads love to do.

Dating a nomad is not easy but there are many benefits too. If you can get over these possible complications, you can enjoy a very exciting, interesting and inspiring relationship, with someone who can show you more than just the conventional. Think of it as a digital trucker lifestyle, without the truck.

Rose’s note: This post was written by Stefan Simonovic from First Beat Media and his words are so true and helpful! I have two more posts from him coming. Check out more of his work and past guest posts below! Thank you so much for reading and Stephan for writing this post.

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