honesty hour: THE LAZINESS IS REAL

you guysssss. I’ve been struggling with a serious case of laziness lately and I CANNOT SHAKE IT. Rest in peace to the days I would juggle school, work, posting a blog twice a week, and shooting + editing Youtube videos. I spent the first half of my summer on the first vacation I’ve been on in 2 years in Iran, and getting taken care of/ doing nothing there for 40 days SPOILED me. Coming back home, I kept my “do nothing” attitude. I honestly don’t like it because I have cool videos I could be editing or vibrant posts I could be writing but I choose to spend my days in bed, watching TV and eating.

Can you relate to my sudden laziness? My creative mind wants to be putting more out there but my body doesn’t want to do anything. With school just around the corner, I have to get my act together. Here are a few things me, or you, could do to shake off laziness and get your ass up.

  • Consistently do something everyday (post a blog, picture, video, write, edit)
  • Spend more time out of your bed/room than in it during the day
  • Get outside
  • Read (keeps your mind active and you entertained)
  • Don’t spend the day in your sleepwear
  • Spend time achieving your goals however you can
  • Daydream about what you want and plan out making it happen
  • Work out
  • Prepare for school, work, upcoming projects, etc.

Well, now that I’m feeling slightly more motivated, I’m going to go edit some Iran videos. I’m going to try to edit everyday until I’m finally done with them all, cause there’s a ton and I can’t wait to share them! I guess I just have to remember how satisfying it feels to get something done and posted, and when you get it done you realize it really wasn’t that hard to do.

Thank you guys so much for reading! Please check out my other posts. What do you do when you’re feeling unnaturally lazy???

4 Replies to “honesty hour: THE LAZINESS IS REAL”

  1. I can relate to sudden laziness. Whenever I have had a couple of days of pure relaxation or celebrating etc, I then struggle to get back into a routine. I either do these things. The first is to write a list setting about tasks that I must complete – I write them very specific. The second is to actually set an alarm on my phone. So I might say – relax for 20mins – set alarm – write for 30mins – set alarm. Somehow that makes it easier. I love your tips though exercising is one I do as well!

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  2. I totally get you!
    I generally keep washing my face and listening to extremely peppy songs to get me back on track…

    This post was great to read! Hope you get back soon 🙂

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