Guest Post 6: When Love Isn’t Enough

Are you waking up next to a partner who you ‘love’ but are not madly ‘in love’ with anymore? You’re not the only person to get comfortable in a relationship and then realize that the spark is no longer there and you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with that person. That’s a situation that happens quite often, and many times it’s when a person realizes that love is not enough to  keep things going. That’s when you can find solace in your situation and meet people online who are in the same predicament as you.

It’s hard to find who understands why you’d want to ruin a seemingly perfect life and a amazing relationship. Just because there is no identifiable problem, doesn’t mean that it’s the best romantic situation for you. Sometimes the person you’re with is nice and kind and really respectful but you don’t feel that sexual energy you used to feel, and it’s hard to become intimate with them. That literally spells out the end of a relation, when you don’t feel inspired to kiss or engage in love making. That’s when many turn to online socializing to find that missing link or spark elsewhere and sometimes, it’s not about finding someone new, it’s about sharing your thoughts and feelings and seeing if this situation is a temporary thing, or if you won’t get over it.

It’s Not Cheating

It’s not cheating to meet people online and just have conversations. Sometimes, just chatting with people, seeing what’s out there makes you realize how good you have it. But it can also help you understand that what you’re looking for may be something else entirely different. It can teach you that your desires have changed. That now you are attracted to other qualities and characteristics, than you first were attracted to with your current partner.

People change, so does sexuality and sex and what you want from it. It’s not about cheating if you’re exploring your options. No one should go out and cheat on their partner brazenly behind their back, but it’s OK to examine your options, see who you could connect with and then go from there. If you actually meet a bunch of people who you think you want to pursue something with, well then you have motive to end your current relationship. But what if you’re just daydreaming? And fantasizing of an unrealistic partner that doesn’t exist, except in your mind. Well then, you’ll find out soon enough too, when you meet people online if your expectations are normal, reasonable or way out of touch with reality.

Dating sites are not just for dating, they are for exploring your virtual world around you, to see what’s available and how you fit into that community. Then you can make a sound judgment with more information, about your current relationship, and if you want to pursue it further. Sometimes, love is not enough, and recognizing that sooner rather than later, save two hearts from being broken and hurt badly, when you let someone down unexpectedly. Dating is about knowing yourself well, and there is no better way than doing that through meeting people online.

Rose’s note: This post was written by Stefan Simonovic from First Beat Media and his words are so true and helpful! I have one more post from him coming. Check out more of his work and past guest posts below! Thank you so much for reading and Stephan for writing this post.

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