Hi guys!! I’ve finally figured out a skincare routine that seems to be working for me. As you may know, I’ve been struggling with acne for a while and finally got it under control! My problems were internal so that’s what I had to tackle first. If you want info on my antibiotic/hormone taking journey make sure to check out My ACNE Struggle: Solodyn & Ziana Update 1 and Acne Update 2: HORMONES.

I think the secret to good skincare is keeping it simple and effective. Here’s what I’ve been doing! 

I like to use different cleansers all the time. I feel like this helps my skin because it doesn’t get used to one thing. I also use the Cetaphil cleanser all the time. The simpler the better!

This little bottle is the love of my life. I fill it with half rose water, half witch hazel and spray it throughout the day and after washing my face. If my skin is problematic, I add more witch hazel. This is an amazing way to keep your face clean throughout the day.

This is a pure gem. Rosehip oil is FULL of vitamin C which helps collagen repair itself incredibly well. If you have scarring, readiness, spots, or damaged pores I think this could  seriously improve that over time. It also absorbs easily which makes it great for before makeup!

I still use Ziana which is a strong prescription gel that lightens acne a couple of nights a week.

My progress after only 4 months


I still have a long way to go for perfect skin but I’m getting somewhere! Some of my pores can only be fixed with laser at this point but it’s still much better! Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Please check out some other posts. ❤


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