YOU GUYS I’M SO EXCITED TO WRITE THIS POST. You probably have already seen and heard about queen Rihanna’s new makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, if you haven’t, where have you been?!?!

This brand makes me so so joyful because of my sheer admiration for Rihanna. I even have a post in my drafts all about my love for her that I might post one day. Her career journey and success story is incredible and inspiring. Her humbleness and silent message is powerful. I could go on and on, but we’re here to talk about makeup!

I haven’t had a foundation for a while now, and this is why the higher powers wanted me to not get one because I would’ve still probably bought this if I had another one, so I saved a bunch of money! I trust celebrity made/endorsed makeup because they consider being photographed or on camera. So here is my in depth, part by part review of the new Fenty foundation! This product was $32 before tax and I purchased it at Sephora!

The packaging is really nice and sleek. It has the brand name and product name on the front.

The product description is printed on the side and I can say this is very accurate.

When I pulled the product out, I saw something I’ve never seen before. The foundation comes encased in this little bit of cardboard probably to protect it. I really appreciate this, especially if I get the product shipped.

The packaging. Oh my lord. This is everything. I think this is my favorite foundation packaging of all time. The glass has a matte look and feels almost velvety. The bottle is also very heavy and expensive feeling, like a pricey stone. It’s glass, but I’m sure it won’t break if it’s dropped cause it’s so thick (I won’t be testing this theory). It feels like a designer brand, I would think Armani or Chanel would have packaging that felt like this, so for the price I was extremely impressed. Not to mention the gorgeous font and white label. The lid is sturdy and different so you won’t mix it up with others. I’m so happy Rihanna cut the bullshit and got a pump! Thank you so much!! It makes no sense to have anything other than a pump!!!

It looks so good on my skin! I love the way it wears. I can tell this product was really thought out and worked to perfection. 

My color is 270. The color range for this foundation is extremely well done. Definitely get matched in stores if it’s possible. I have a medium to tan skin tone and I can’t find a lot of makeup products, for people darker than me it’s near impossible sometimes, so I’m ecstatic that this beauty line has made sure to include all people and various tones of the same shade.

Overall, this foundation is one of my favorites. I was afraid this foundation might have more of a drugstore feel then high end, but I couldn’t have been more wrong! It gives my skin that blurred, air brushed looked I want without being too matte or too dewey. It will work with all skin types. It’s medium to full coverage and easily buildable. The feeling of this foundation is extremely light, even when you put on a few layers. The description said it perfectly “medium to full coverage for all. longwear. light as air.” It can definitely withstand a full night looking perfectly. I can’t rave about this foundation enough. I love the price point because it’s more affordable than most. If a foundation is rubbish, you’ll be able to feel it when you stretch your skin by opening your mouth and this foundation feels apart of your skin no matter what.

I’m so happy I got my hands on this! Check it out at Sephora! Thank you so much for reading, check out other posts and makeup reviews below! Let me know if you’ve tried this what you think!


  1. Great post! I’m glad you wrote about this, because I’m excited about Rih Rih’s makeup too (which is surprising because I don’t usually care about when celebrities come out with makeup…and there’s been a lot lately!). All the reviews I have seen on YouTube, or read about have been extremely positive, especially regarding the foundation. I’m impressed that Fenty Beauty came out with 40 SHADES upon the product release, which is phenomenally better than many makeup companies that have been around for decades. She was thoughtful enough to actually make QUALITY products that cater to the lightest skin to very dark within the various nationalities. And, as a woman of colour, that makes me proud and warms my heart to see so many ladies feeling beautiful and loving Fenty Beauty.

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