Hi guys! So this weekend I’m going out of town with my best friend. We’re going just to go out to some bars and have fun with other friends. I’m super excited to get some time away from the real world! I want share that makeup items I’m taking to give you an idea of what you might need for a couple days away. It gets overwhelming when packing makeup and you might feel like you need everything, but here is all I need to survive a few days!

img_6152img_6153-1I’m taking all my makeup in this sack I got my sheets in because it’s convenient. img_6136-1I only need one primer so I choose my Porefessional matte. 
img_6137-1Of course I need my favorite foundation, Fenty in 260.
Just in case I need extra coverage, I’m taking this Wet n Wild concealer. img_6139-1To set, I’m taking my mini Kat Von D powder. I like mini powder because it lasts so long.img_6141-1I’m taking one bronzer. This is a Sephora one in the darkest color, Canary Island. img_6142-1I’m taking two different color highlighters for different looks. One is a eyeshadow that works beautifully as a highlighter. Gold one: Mac My Mimi Champagne: Maybelinne Glo down.img_6143-1I’m taking a few small palettes, lots of browns, and one pop of red. I can do tons of looks with these shadows. Left to right: Too Faced Natural Mattes, Smashbox mini Exposure, Lorac Pocket Pro 1, Colorpop Drift. 
I’m obviously gonna need mascara, items my kryptonite. img_6145-1I’m not taking too many lipsticks, just some staples. I have my Kylie Lipstick in Ginger, Colourpop is a brown (Grunge) and a terracota brick red (Lovebug), and a Wet n Wild gloss!

Thank you guys so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post and that it was helpful! Please check out some more posts! ❤ 



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