Hi guys! I’m really excited to share this post with you. I recently found the PERFECT makeup storage for me currently and I wanted to show you! I’ve been changing up makeup storage every few months for years now because I’m never happy with it and I finally feel super happy with it! Enjoy!

Everybody has a different idea about “a lot” of makeup and in my opinion, I have a lot. It’s been really hard finding the perfect storage for me and for years my makeup has been literally all over the place. I didn’t take “before” pics because I didn’t think of making this post until after I redid it. Basically, my makeup was all over and in multiple different containers. Check out my older makeup storage posts.

Makeup Storage using old candles!

cheap organization tips for makeup/clothes/desk

I picked up this set of drawer for $11 from target. I spray painted the container I had myself.
In the top section, I have all the “skin” products. Primer, concelear, foundation, powder, setting spray, and a few lipticks in the compartments. I also keep my lashes, curler, and beauty sponge here. 
In the top bin drawer, I have all my “eye” products. eyeshadows, liners, & mascaras.
In the middle drawer, I’m keeping my bronzers, highlighters, & blushes. 
And in the last drawer, all my lippies!
I looooove open spaces and I have a ton more on my dresser now! I put my brushes & jewelry up here, and it’s not crammed anymore!

Thank you guys so much for reading! I’m so happy with my makeup storage because it’s not super organized, I can just throw everything in the bins, but it will still look really good and I can search through my products easily which means a lot more stuff will get used! Let me know how you store your makeup and if this inspired you to change things up. Check out more posts! Thanks again, I love you guys! 



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